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Team / Enterprise FAQ Page
Team / Enterprise FAQ Page

Learn more about certifications, platform languages, payment structure, ROI, integrations, and a variety of ways to use Cloverleaf.

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Q: Do you need to be certified in the assessments in order to use them with your clients or in your organization?

A: No, being certified in the assessments is not a requirement for their usage. We’ve developed tools and content around the assessments that make them easy to deploy and consume. Insights on the results generated in Cloverleaf are actionable, timely, and simple to understand.

Q: What languages does Cloverleaf natively support?

A: Currently the interface, assessments, and content in the platform are available in English and Spanish only. Translations into other languages are a key part of Cloverleaf’s growth strategy as more international deployments of the technology are being rolled out to our enterprise clients. Project or client-specific requirements around language availability can be addressed and scoped with the Cloverleaf team and the translation service partners they have cultivated (or alongside a translation services company of your choice).

Q: Is there a separate cost for each assessment in the platform or are all the assessments included?

A: The majority of our assessments in the platform are included in the subscription cost. The exceptions are CliftonStrengths® and Strengthscope®. CliftonStrengths® is a small one-time fee to complete. Strengthscope® is one of our premium assessments offered on Enterprise plans.

Q: What is the payment structure like?

A: For our Team and Growth plans, Cloverleaf is a monthly subscription that can be started or stopped at any time, with an annual option as well. Once your subscription is stopped, you and your organization will revert back to the free user experience. For our larger enterprises and coaches, we set up contracts on a monthly or annual payment schedule.

Q: Assessments are nice but how does this actually impact my bottom line? What’s the ROI for my business?

A: The results of assessments can be used for a wide variety of people-related challenges you may face in your business. Understanding the drivers of individual performance and matching that to the task and team can be a powerful insight that can be used for role definition, culture building, career-pathing, and succession planning. As a result, using assessments through the Cloverleaf platform can reduce turnover, improve team cohesion and lead to better outcomes.

Q: Does Cloverleaf integrate with other communication and productivity tools?

A: Cloverleaf will send ongoing coaching and insights on you and your team members straight to your email inbox. Cloverleaf also has a calendar integration with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook. Your Cloverleaf account will show insights from the people you are meeting with, as long as they have a Cloverleaf account. You will also receive email digests on this calendar and the insights for everyone you are meeting with that day (if they have an account). Cloverleaf is also integrated with Slack and MS Teams, so that your team can receive personalized notifications and prompts to encourage fun discussions. Learn more about the Cloverleaf integrations here.

Q: But my team is awesome and know each other already, why would I need Cloverleaf?

A: We are so happy to hear that your team is awesome! But even awesome teams can have conflict or will benefit from gaining a deeper understanding about each other. Cloverleaf will show you insight that you may not know or even see in another person. For example, imagine someone on your team is an introvert, and you know this about them. But, you might not know that as an ISTJ, they prefer to make decisions (T) by thinking, and they might spontaneously critique, remaining detached and focusing on logic. Even though you might know your people really well, you would now know that you probably don’t want to base the ISTJ’s work off building relationships when they prefer to be focusing on data and principles.

Q: Is this a one time thing? Once my team takes the assessments and gets our results, how do we keep getting value?

A: Individuals and teams are dynamic and constantly evolving. Adding or losing a team member or changes in roles or expectations can have an immediate impact on team performance. Chances are these changes are occurring weekly (if not daily) on a dynamic team. As a result we have built Cloverleaf to integrate with the tools you use everyday to provide coaching that is timely and relevant to the people on your team to improve communication, enhance collaboration and build trust within the team.

Q: How can Cloverleaf be used by HR / People Ops Leaders?

A: Cloverleaf provides specific dashboards and features for HR and People Ops professionals to provide talent management solutions that support the entire enterprise - not just a single team. You get the ability to access individual reports, form new teams, create new roles, manage candidates and customize the user experience for your employees.

Q: How can Cloverleaf improve my hiring and onboarding process? Can you use Cloverleaf for pre-hire?

A: It is important to make objective hiring decisions that include many factors. You should never make hiring decisions on a single data point and assessments are no exception. The fact that someone is an INTJ is not a reason to hire or exclude someone from the hiring process. However, the data embedded in assessments can be valuable information to consider as a part of a comprehensive hiring process that includes interviews, evaluating a resume, reference checks, and more. To streamline Cloverleaf’s role in the hiring process we have several features that can be helpful, including our candidate function.

Q: Can Cloverleaf be used for remote teams?

A: We’re right there with ya on the remote team status! (Check out the team section of our about page for our latest WFH looks.) To answer your question, yes, Cloverleaf can absolutely be used for remote teams and we argue that it may even be more important when not face-to-face every day. Cloverleaf can supplement the lack of in-person, constant communication by helping each member of a team understand each other. While team members may not know each others’ coffee shop order preferences, through Cloverleaf coaching insights, you can begin to piece together who they really are as a person. How? Our top two recommendations would be to utilize our coaching insights and the calendar features.

Q: Can Cloverleaf help with sales teams?

Sales is all about relationships. You need great internal relationships to help communicate client needs into operational capabilities. But even more importantly you need great relationships with those in the markets you serve. Cloverleaf can give you the secret insights into how to effectively build those relationships - both internally and externally. In this product guide we highlight a few of the ways Cloverleaf can help Sales teams excel.

Q: Can I use Cloverleaf for an upcoming team building offsite?

A: Yes! While Cloverleaf’s value comes from ongoing use, offsites can be an awesome way to kick things off in a meaningful way. (Many teams and companies have kicked off their Cloverleaf use in this way!). Here is a guide on how to lead a team session with Cloverleaf. Most teams leave an offsite saying "That was great, now what??" Cloverleaf is the now what.

Q: Can Cloverleaf be used for relationships outside of work?

A: Yes! As we explain in this product guide, families are teams, too!

Q: I just received my first coaching tip. Now what?

A: We realize receiving coaching tips on yourself and others can bring about different thoughts and reactions. Here is a product guide based on best practices around coaching tips.

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