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How to Use Cloverleaf to Build an Effective Sales Team
How to Use Cloverleaf to Build an Effective Sales Team

Learn how to use the Cloverleaf Team Dashboard to strengthen and improve your sales team.

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Sales is all about relationships. You need great internal relationships to help communicate client needs into operational capabilities. But even more importantly you need great relationships with those in the markets you serve.

Cloverleaf can give you the secret insights into how to effectively build those relationships - both internally and externally. We will highlight a few of the ways Cloverleaf can help Sales teams excel.

Client Navigator for Customer Insight

Use Cloverleaf to reveal the hidden ways your clients want to be serviced. We each have a unique way of thinking and processing information and getting insight into this specific style can help you approach your clients and sales prospects in the most effective way.

You likely interact with dozens of clients and prospects throughout your day and it can be tough to adapt to these specific styles from one call to the next. You need a way to keep these reminders front and center.

You can learn more about how to use Client Navigator at our Help Page, but in short, start by answering a few simple behavioral questions about your sales prospect or current client. Once you have completed the assessment you get simple visualization that shows how their style differs from your own as well as great content to help you prepare for the next meeting.

Spending 30 seconds in Cloverleaf Client Navigator after an initial sales call will enable business development representatives to more rapidly build rapport & trust, shorten sales cycles and develop long lasting relational (not transactional) customers.

Build High Performing Sales Teams

Sales is rarely a solo sport. You need Inside Sales, Account Managers and Implementation Specialists to not only close the account but ensure the client is set up for long-term success. So start treating these groups as a part of your sales team.

Start by creating a new team in Cloverleaf and invite those on your sales team by adding their email addresses or if you are in an enterprise account choose their names from the drop-down list.

Once your teammates have accepted the invitation you will be able to see them on your team dashboard. Some ways you can get insights on how to be more effective as a sales and service delivery team include:

Learn more about the other Cloverleaf integrations here.

Get Regular Reminders

Client Navigator and the Team Dashboard are great ways to get an initial understanding of how to adjust your approach to improve sales performance.

However, you need regular reminders that are timed to the client meetings you have today. Cloverleaf helps with that too.

Once you have connected your Google for Business or Microsoft 365 account, the Cloverleaf app will compare the email addresses of your clients and prospects entered in the Client Navigator and send you coaching tips on how to communicate with your client effectively.

We help you with tailored motivation and persuasion insights that can be used the same day to achieve your sales goals.

Building relationships in sales is crucial to your success. And Cloverleaf makes developing your relationships so much easier.

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