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Daily Coaching Experience
Daily Coaching Experience

The Daily Coaching Experience is a great way to interact with personal and team insights each day!

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The in-app Daily Coaching Experience takes your coaching tip emails to a new level! Get fresh insights on yourself and your teammates each day, dive deeper with specific teammates or content categories by searching for tips, and compare thinking styles side by side.

Your Daily Coaching Experience along with Coaching Network, and Insight Search, make it easier than ever to get your coaching on the right people, when you want it, and for the right situations.

Launch your Daily coaching right from My Dashboard!

  • Each weekday you will find a unique set of coaching tips for you and one of your teammates.

  • This is in conjunction with your coaching email. You can click into this experience from your emails and decide how often you would like these Daily Coaching Tips to be sent to your inbox. Learn how to change these settings here.

First, you will see a Coach Tip on yourself. You can save, share, react, and reflect on your tips!

Hitting next will bring you to your Daily Team Coach Tip on one of your teammates in your Coaching Network. You can save, share, react, and reflect on your teammate tips too!

​If something "seems off", a drop-down will appear to share why and help us continue to give you better tips! This is true for both tips on yourself and your teammates.

Clicking "next" will complete your Daily Coaching and give you to option to learn more about yourself or your teammate by clicking through to a tip using Insight Search or you can navigate back to My Dashboard.

Try clicking on a suggested search and it will automatically pull up tips in Insight Search!

Save, share, react, and reflect on your tips right from Insight Search!

Daily Coaching Tips are generated to give you coaching on who you work with most through a combination of preferences from Coaching Network, Calendar Integration, and tip interaction!

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