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Daily Coaching Experience
Daily Coaching Experience

The Daily Coaching Experience is a great way to interact with personal and team insights each day!

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Daily Coaching Overview

On Cloverleaf, when you take your assessments, it can be hard to remember everything at once or know how to apply those results. Daily Coaching uses your assessment data to give you quick insights into yourself and your teammates every day so that you can learn over time, build habits, and easily digest new information, helping you understand yourself better and improve your ability to work with others.

  • Each weekday you will find a unique set of coaching tips for you and one of your teammates.

  • View Daily Coaching on My Dashboard, via email, or Slack/MS Teams

  • Interact with your tips by saving, sharing, rating, or reflecting.

  • Manage Daily Coaching preferences in Account Settings under Notifications

  • Select a Coaching Focus to further tailor your Daily Coaching Tips

Daily Coaching Tips are generated to give you coaching on who you work with most through a combination of preferences from Coaching Network, Calendar Integration, Teams, and tip interaction.

Daily Coaching In App

Let's walk through how this works. Navigate to My Dashboard using the left sidebar navigation, and click View Your Daily Coaching.

First, you will see a Coach Tip on yourself. You can save, share, react, and reflect on your tips!

​Hitting Next will bring you to your Teammate Tip. You can save, share, react, and reflect on your teammates' tips too.

​Clicking Finish will complete your Daily Coaching and you can navigate back to My Dashboard.

Daily Coaching Preferences

If you choose to receive your Daily Coaching in Slack or MS Teams, or just via email, your tips will be messaged to you based on your preferences.

You can adjust your Daily Coaching preferences by going to Account Settings > Notifications. Choose where you receive your Daily Coaching and how frequently.

Everyone has different goals for their personal growth in their role. To make your Cloverleaf coaching experience even more impactful, you can now select a Coaching Focus. By choosing a Coaching Focus, Cloverleaf tailors your coaching journey to support your specific goals more effectively. As your goals or role change, your coaching focus can too!

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