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Integrate Cloverleaf with Slack
Integrate Cloverleaf with Slack

Learn more about our integration with Slack and how to install the app to receive your Daily Coaching where it works for you!

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Who is this guide for? Any user with access to Slack

What can I learn from this page? General overview of functionality and how to install Cloverleaf for Slack

Cloverleaf integrates with Slack, making it easier for you to receive Daily Coaching Tips and app communication where you prefer. You can react to your tips directly in Slack, and share, save, and reflect on your tips in Cloverleaf, helping you build healthier team dynamics, work through conflict, and collaborate more effectively!

Slack Integration Overview

There are a few different ways to interact with Cloverleaf on Slack. 

Daily Coaching

Receive Daily Coaching Tips on yourself and the people you work closest with directly in Slack. You can also rate tips helpful or unhelpful, and set your notifications to send alerts and updates about your Cloverleaf account directly in Slack.

You can interact with your Coaching Tips to further enhance your coaching experience. ​Save coaching tips that you want to remember later, Share tips that resonate for you with your teammates, and Reflect on tips to further engage with Daily Coaching. Clicking Save, Share, or Reflect will bring you to the Cloverleaf app.

Slash Commands

Use the Cloverleaf Slash Command to dive deeper into your understanding of others in categories like communication style, work style, conflict triggers, development, leadership, motivation, and persuasion. ​You can get insights on anyone in the channel with an account connected. These slash commands are only visible to you.

  • Use /cloverleaf @teammate to pull an insight.

  • To pull an insight for a topic, just add the topic at the end of the slash command like this: /cloverleaf @teammate communication.

  • If you would like to no longer appear in periodic prompts, use the slash command /cloverleaf opt-out​.

  • /cloverleaf help for a reminder of these commands

Weekly Insights

Your channel will receive a weekly team-targeted prompt encouraging an opportunity to start a conversation together. Respond in the thread and get the conversation going with your coworkers!

How to Get Started

Navigate to the integrations tab in Account Settings (profile icon in the top right corner). Click Install to add Cloverleaf to Slack. This will take you to slack where you can follow the steps outlined below to get Cloverleaf set up.

You can also set up your Cloverleaf integration straight from the Slack App Directory. In Slack, navigate to Apps and search for Cloverleaf. Click App Homepage. This will bring you to a new page in Cloverleaf where you can click Add to Slack.

You will be prompted to grant Cloverleaf permission access to your Slack workspace.

Once you click allow, you will be taken to Slack.

Once you have installed the Cloverleaf app, sign in to authorize your account. You can add Cloverleaf to any channel to enable weekly insights for your team. To receive your Daily Coaching in Slack, make sure you have enabled Slack in your Cloverleaf Account Settings.

​Notification Settings

In Account Settings, you can manage where you receive your Daily Coaching and adjust the frequency of your tips. Navigate to Notifications Settings and toggle on Daily Coaching for Slack.

Along with choosing where you receive Daily Coaching, you can update your communication preferences under the Notifications tab, receiving alerts and updates about your Cloverleaf account directly in Slack.

Adding and Removing the Slack Bot

You can add the Cloverleaf Slack bot to any channel by accessing your apps from the side navigation and using the drop-down from the welcome message.

To remove the Cloverleaf Slack bot from a specific channel in your workspace, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the channel where the bot is installed.

2. Click on the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the channel settings.

3. Select "View Installed Apps" from the dropdown menu.

4. Locate the Cloverleaf Slack bot and click "Remove".

It's important to note that removing the bot will only remove it from the selected channel, not from the entire workspace. Additionally, anyone in the channel has the ability to remove the bot.

To uninstall the Cloverleaf Slack bot from the entire workspace, visit the Cloverleaf page on the Slack App directory, click settings from the middle section, scroll to the bottom and click "remove app."

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