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You might ask yourself, ‘these coaching emails are great - but what else can I do with Cloverleaf?’ The following highlights how Cloverleaf has brought value to other teams and organizations and if you follow these, to yours as well.

1:1’s & Performance Conversations. You may have created a regular rhythm around having check-ins or performance conversations with your team members, which is excellent - well done. But what people often want is a way to make these conversations more impactful. Cloverleaf can provide language and prompts to take these conversations from task-oriented and transactional to impactful and full of meaning and purpose.

Onboarding new team members. Successful onboarding of new team members goes beyond completing a checklist of employment forms or ensuring they have a computer. Cloverleaf can help expedite the behavioral onboarding of new team members. Learning differences and quirks of how we work together in the first month instead of learning from difficult mistakes over the years can help new team members collaborate and communicate more effectively much faster.

Cross-functional teams. - Cross-functional teams are critical to larger organizations’ success and have an extremely high failure rate. Interactions across departments or divisions, geographies, cultures, and time zones can create complexities for being productive and achieving success.

New manager training programs - If you’re big enough to have a dedicated crop of new managers or train hundreds a year, you need to help individual contributors become productive. It is not an easy transition, and new managers may need a pocket coach for on-demand coaching or training over time with nudges.

Team building activities. It is common for teams to feel disconnected and even more so in fully remote, distributed, or hybrid units. We are big proponents (and research demonstrates the value) of creating shared experiences for your team. Leaders often default to hosting off-sites or on-sites to bring the whole team together (often in person but sometimes virtual) to align the team and build team cohesion. With Cloverleaf, you can avoid spending $10,000 on an expensive retreat and use the team dashboard and related resources to have a more meaningful team conversation. Here are a few resources we have created to help you maximize your time and your use of Cloverleaf in a team-building context:

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