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See what we added to Cloverleaf in 2020!

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This is a high-level overview of the features and fixes added to Cloverleaf in 2020! To see what we have been up to recently- check out our current release notes!


SAP - Single Sign On

SAP users can now use a single sign on feature (through SAP) to automatically be signed into their organization in Cloverleaf.

Multilingual Capability

Cloverleaf now has the ability to support multilingual content in-app.

Group Settings

Admin can now set up one group with the all the correct settings and then copy to all other groups under the same parent group.

Privacy Updates

At Cloverleaf, we take your personal privacy very seriously. We’ve recently updated our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service and wanted to let you know about those changes.

For the Privacy Policy, we added:

  • More detail about the information we collect and your rights with respect to that information;

  • More transparency about information we may collect and share related to self-assessment tests and data including with respect to third party test providers;

  • Information about the control you have over your information, including options to update, manage, or prevent sharing; and

  • Information about how we use cookies and your ability to opt-in or opt out of such cookie usage.

For the Terms of Service, we added:

  • More information about how you can set up an account with us, how to manage your account and subscription and how to cancel your services;

  • Additional detail about your choices regarding payment, plans and services; and

  • More detail about the types of ways you can interact with our services and other users as well as prohibited uses of our services and site.

Please click the links above to see the updated policy and terms.



Users can now store a language preference now that Cloverleaf can be localized.

User Deletion

Super Admins can now delete users.

Chat Bot

We’re testing a whole new way for people to go through their first assessment!



We have officially started our roll-out of Strengsthscope to clients! Learn more about the benefits of Strengthscope here.


Content Updates

Updates 16 Types and CliftonStrengths descriptions and content, and narrowed calendar integration content for a better experience.

Invite Deliverability

Back-end change to help ensure deliverability to enterprise users.

Energy Rhythm Assessment

Coming soon … very soon.

Org Configurations

Improved, easier-to-understand configuration options - now configure an organization’s settings with ease!


Now, transactional emails have the organization’s or coach’s logo - along with the capability of adding a coaches bio to the last page of reports for their clients.

AUGUST 2020:

Instinctive Drives is LIVE

Feature complete and ready to use! Check it out here.

Small Bugs & Fixes

Working behind the scenes to help keep things working their best for our users!

JULY 2020:

Re-Invite Users

Want to make sure that someone really got the invite email to Cloverleaf? You can now re-send an email!

“Leads” are live!

As a coach, create a link within Cloverleaf to put on your own website, social media, newsletters, etc. Anyone who signs up will then show up in your “leads” category. This also allows you to add a specific notification on the notification screen for leads, only!

Organization “Counts”

You can now (via the Admin page), see the stats on an organization containing number of people, teams, admin, candidates and pending invites.

Client Navigator Revisions

Users can now re-take “client navigator” assessments if they feel like they have gotten a better understanding of someone and want to update.

JUNE 2020:

Customized Notification Screen

You can now customize your orgs initial notification screen (once enabled via Admin settings) where you can change the title, text, and URL at the top and how the page looks in addition to the specific to-do items.

Role Alignment Live

The role alignment function is now feature complete.

Microsoft Teams Integration is LIVE

Available to download now! Go to the Microsoft Teams “Install” link in your Cloverleaf Settings tab.

Role Alignment Features

Users are now able to turn on “Role Alignment” via Organization settings, and create a role alignment (behavioral expectations) for any role in an organization. Users can also create a “role alignment” for their own position.

Coach Orgs

Coaching accounts now have a separate designation as a “coach org” to aid with their own unique coach experience. This is the first step in an updated leads process and other cool features built specifically for coaches.

MAY 2020:

Organization Roles Page

As an admin, see each role of your organization’s users listed in the new “Organization Roles” view under settings.

Personal User Improvements

Now, when an individual takes an assessment, they will get options to go deeper in multiple ways with options to have a free 30 minute consultation, download a report, or sign up for an individual plan.

CSV Upload Improvements

More streamlined process for uploading large files when inviting hundreds or thousands of new users at once.

Candidate Reviewers

You can now decide who will review a candidate within Cloverleaf. This also allows a user to search candidates by who they are responsible for, as well as getting an email when a candidate created their profile and completes assessments. (No more getting an email about a candidate, but without a completed profile to go to!)

Candidate Reports

You can now email candidate reports for reviewers and teams to be able to see a candidate’s report without having to login to see.

Microsoft Teams

We are now feature complete with our Microsoft Teams app! Organizations on Microsoft Teams can now get prompts for their teams to respond to, for better conversation and understanding of each other. Official launch to come!

APRIL 2020:

“Role” Features

As an enterprise feature, you can now add an official “role” to a user or candidates. This is the first in many changes to “roles” that will lead to much more functionality with fit and roles down the road.

Microsoft Teams

Our Microsoft Teams bot is almost feature complete! Excited to roll out the “sister” product of our Slack app.

Text Disclaimers

We honed in on some explanations that help users know exactly what and why they are giving information of theirs.

Improved “Candidates” Function

There is now a new dedicated page to manage all candidates separately, in one place. From the single candidate pool, admins can move the candidates the necessary group or team.

Slack Integration

It’s official! Our Slack integration is now live, and on Slack’s app directory. Available for all user-types to connect to their Slack account.

Survey Feature

For customer organizations, there will now be a survey as a task notification on the homepage.

Search Admin Capability

New, more in depth search capabilities for admin users.

MARCH 2020:

Skill Search

Admins can now search specific skills across entire teams to see which users have listed that specific skill. (Find hidden talent within your organization!)

Moving Teams

Admin users can now move teams from one group to another, even after team creation.

Pending Invites

Now team leaders can now pending invites on the team level, instead of just the organization level.

Downloadable Reports

Now, as an admin you can download anyone on your team’s reports.


New Product Tips

Now, at the bottom of each coaching tip email, receive a new tip to help better use Cloverleaf!

“Change” Category

On the dashboard for daily coaching tips, there is now a “change” category to learn more about yourself in times of change.

Expanded Configuration Options

Clients now have the ability to take full control of what features they would like for their account. This includes all assessments, as well as the calendar integration.

A Streamlined CliftonStrengths Process

Now only a single code is needed for an entire organization to purchase CliftonStrengths assessments. Team members can then redeem the code and take their assessment all with one click on the Cloverleaf app.

Toggle Team Privacy Settings

Users now have the ability to toggle on and off teams from private to public (and vice versa) within their organization.


Admin Enhancements

For enterprise admins and coaching accounts you now have the ability to see people that have been invited to your group or team but haven’t accepted the invitation yet. This gives you more control over revoking an invite and re-sending an invite.

Adding Skills

Enterprise admins and coaches now have the ability to add a task for skills to require new users under an account to complete the skills box at onboarding.

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