New Updates: Admin Dashboard

We have some exciting updates to our Admin Dashboard to share with you all!

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The Admin Dashboard is the landing page for Org Admins to manage all things Cloverleaf for their organization and teams. We have made some exciting new updates to this page!

Here's what you need to know:

1. The biggest change is to our Organization Settings page. We have made this easy to navigate and simpler to manage for you! You can check out this fully detailed help guide on how to use this new page!

2. We have made some updates to the UI of the admin dashboard. These changes will make it easier to navigate and manage your team as an Org Admin!

Organization Settings

  • Under Configuration, you will see five sections: General, Access, Assessments, Features, and Onboarding.

  • Under Invites, you will see an option to resend your pending invites.

  • Under Billing, you can manage your subscription.

  • Under Notification Page, you can manage what your Notifications screen looks like which is where onboarding tasks live.

Leads and Candidates

If you have access to these features on your plan, you will be able to manage those from this navigation menu, similar to before with some minor UI updates.

All People in Organization
This is where all of your groups, teams, and users live within Cloverleaf. All of this will function the same as before, with some UI updates that make it easier to navigate between the groups and teams in your org.

This feature update has been released!

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