Navigating Organization Settings

Here is a general overview of the different sections within Organization Settings for Org Admins.

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Organization Settings is where you manage the details and setup for your organization.

  1. Sign in to Cloverleaf and navigate to your Admin Dashboard.
    *We have updated our Navigation on Cloverleaf! The Admin Dashboard can now be found by going to your settings in the top right corner. Check out this guide for full details*

  2. In the left-hand navigation, you will see an option titled "ORGANIZATION SETTINGS". Select this to open your organization's settings.

3. From here, you have the sections: Configuration, Invites, Billing, Roles, and Notification Page. Let's look at each option further.


This will open up the main Organization Settings page. This is where you can manage all of the preferences and settings for your org. You will see 5 sections: General, Access, Assessments, Features, and Onboarding.


This is where you will find the counts for your org, organization information, logos, and bios.


This is where you can add trusted domains, choose how people join your organization and manage invite permissions.


This is where you can manage which assessments are visible or hidden, and locked or unlocked for your organization. Any assessments available under your plan will appear here.


This is where you can enable or disable certain features on Cloverleaf to set the default for your organization.

This is where you can manage the onboarding experience for new users in your org, by choosing onboarding task and seeing which assessments are set to be completed in onboarding.

For a more comprehensive guide on Organization Settings, check out this help guide.


In this section, you can resend invite emails by clicking the green "Resend Invite Emails" button. If your employee or coworker has not joined the team, this will send a reminder to their email. Note- you can do this for individual users by going to their invite under All People in the Organization, this button will send a reminder to all pending invites in your org.


Click the "Manage Subscription" button to manage anything related to your billing and subscription. Here is more on Enterprise and Coach Subscription Management.


Here, you can add the different types of team roles that your people fill. At the top, you can "ADD NEW ROLE", change the name of current roles by clicking the name, or "DELETE ROLE". You can also see the number of users and candidates in each role.

Notification Page

Here, you can customize your Notification Screen Setup. This is the page that shows for users when they are assigned a task either in onboarding or later on! Check out a full guide on this here.

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