Q2 Release Notes (2023)

Check out our release notes for updates on new features and improvements to Cloverleaf. Check back here for updates on a monthly basis!

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To see what we have been up to recently- check out our current release notes!

JUNE 2023:

Updates and Improvements:

  • Introducing Insight Search! (Limited Release, available on request)

    • We are excited to share the beta launch of our new feature- Insight Search! Insight Search allows you to search through coaching tips for yourself and your teammates to find the Cloverleaf tips you want- when you need them.

  • We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Blanchard Organization’s Propel leadership development program!

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements to dependencies and security

  • Improvements to error messaging in certain cases

  • Fixed an issue that could interfere with a connect-email notification task completion

  • Fixed an issue causing some directory users to see (in-view) users from additional groups listed

  • Improvements to Coach Tips email delivery

  • Improved visual identification of Team Admins in admin pages viewing teams

MAY 2023:

Updates and Improvements:

  • Released a new experience in our onboarding flow to easily connect with others- allowing users to add existing teammates to their Coaching Network when joining Cloverleaf!

    • Not heard of Coaching Network yet? Check out our FAQ page on this new feature!

  • You now have the ability to invite new teammates to Cloverleaf directly from your Coaching Network!

  • Our VIA assessment is now available in Spanish!

  • Released our beta version of Cloverleaf Search (limited availability)

  • Released HBDI assessment display (limited availability)

  • Improved the Coaching Network invite experience

  • Implemented a new way to submit feedback to Cloverleaf, simplifying the way users connect with our team and find resources.

  • Improved our organization link and team link experience for users joining Cloverleaf

  • Improved support for international email addresses

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Performance improvements

  • Better character count feedback

  • Improvements to Enneagram avatar rendering on the Team Dashboard

  • Fixes to coaching Network logic including adding Coaching Network entries from teams during CSV import

  • Fix to Notification Screen customization admin experience

  • Improved user feedback when submitting a team name that already exists in that organization

  • Fix to Client Navigator around adding a client

  • Fix to Instinctive Drives administrator score editing (especially for searching scores)

APRIL 2023:

Updates and Improvements:

  • Check out our new Admin experience- redesigned for clarity and setting the stage for further improvements!

  • Unified onboarding flows for a more consistent experience

  • Now inviting users to connect their calendars during onboarding

  • Replaced assessment user interfaces to enable device input and improve accessibility!

  • Released 1093 new Coach Tips!

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Performance improvements

  • Rarely some users with multiple accounts may have hit a failure state attempting to use the Strengthscope hub – these users will now be able to re-login to their Strengthscope profile from Cloverleaf.

  • Users who connected their Instinctive Drives accounts could lose access when they changed their emails. Now user connection emails are persisted to ensure unbroken access to Instinctive Drives.

  • Improved matching for calendar coaching so that users could get coaching on users with multiple accounts when they should be visible to them

  • Improved user visibility consistency with the new Coaching Network

  • Significant updates to frameworks on the platform!

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