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As Cloverleaf continues to grow, we’re trying to ensure our product grows to be inclusive of every customer. We are moving beyond diversity beyond thought to include the diversity of language.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce that Cloverleaf is now available in two new languages: German and Spanish.

In the context of global teams, Cloverleaf ensures connections between teammates, teams, and leaders by mitigating the social distance (—the degree of emotional connection among team members) brought on by teams being dispersed. When teams are dispersed across different locations, it becomes difficult for them to connect and coordinate effectively, resulting in increased social distance and challenges in developing productive interactions. As a result, reducing social distance becomes the foremost management task for the leader of a global team.

Cloverleaf is stepping up its game to be more inclusive of its global community. We’re starting by adding core features and functions in different languages. You can now switch to Spanish and German in your dashboard and get the Cloverleaf experience in that language.

In this first release, we've included everything users need to start unleashing their potential on Cloverleaf. However, we’re actively working to cover the entire product, so you might come across some parts that are still not translated. But don't worry! We're making daily progress to provide you with Cloverleaf in your preferred language, so stay tuned.

How to change your language in Cloverleaf

  • Visit your Me or Team Dashboard or scroll down to the bottom

  • Click on the language and flag in the bottom bar

  • Select the language you’d like to view your dashboards in

Congratulations! You’re now viewing your dashboard in your chosen language. Visit your dashboard and try it out now.

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