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Admin Guide: Microsoft Teams Integration
Admin Guide: Microsoft Teams Integration

Guide for how to install Cloverleaf in Microsoft Teams for your organization

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Who is this guide for? Microsoft Teams Admins

What can I learn from this page? How to enable and install Cloverleaf in Microsoft Teams admin center

App Permissions

MS Teams Cloverleaf app will have permission to:

  • Access profile information such as user's name, email address, company name, and preferred language.

  • Send user messages and notifications.

  • Receive messages and data that the user provides to it.

This information can also be found on the app installation page in MS Teams.
Microsoft Teams App Listing: (Browser-Based) (In-App)

MS Teams Admins can enable the Cloverleaf app to be available to all users in MS Teams, or create custom rules that allow access for a specific group of users.

To enable the Cloverleaf app in MS Teams (third-party apps):

  1. Click Teams Apps > Manage Apps

  2. Click Org-wide app settings.

  3. Make sure Third-Party Apps is enabled. Additionally, enabling New third-party apps published to the store allows any new third-party apps published to the store for users in your organization, based on their Teams apps permission policy. You can also set to Auto install approved apps and manage selected apps here.

  4. Once you have third-party apps enabled, people on your team can now install Cloverleaf and other third-party apps.

    If you need an additional Microsoft Teams Resource: Managing Apps in MS Teams

Customizing Third-Party App Permissions

If you only want to allow specific apps, like Cloverleaf:

  1. Go to Teams Apps > Permission Policies

  2. Click on your global app permission policy, usually named Global (Org-wide default).

  3. Under Third-party apps, choose Allow Specific Apps and Block All Others

  4. Click Allow and search for Cloverleaf in the right-hand panel. Click Add, and then Allow to update this setting.

    If you need an additional Microsoft Teams Resource: App Permissions

Installing Cloverleaf for MS Teams

  • Users must create a Cloverleaf account using the same email as their MS Teams account before installing the app. If email addresses change, the app will need to be reinstalled.

  • Although this app can be installed by individuals, we recommend that a Microsoft Teams Admin install the app on behalf of your organization to simplify the process.

Cloverleaf App Set Up

As an MS Teams admin, you can set up Cloverleaf as a default app for your organization. Users can still choose to uninstall or install the app themselves.

To install the Cloverleaf app for your entire organization:

  1. Go to Teams Apps > Setup Policies

  2. Click Add > Add Apps under Installed Apps and search for Cloverleaf

  3. Click Add to install Cloverleaf to your organization's Installed apps.

Admins can allow users to pin apps to the left-hand navigation, and also pin apps by default at the global or group level. We recommend pinning the app for easy access for your team.

To pin the Cloverleaf app for all users:

  1. Go to Teams Apps > Setup Policies

  2. Click Add > Add Apps under Pinned Apps and search for Cloverleaf.

    4. Click Add to pin Cloverleaf to your organization's apps.

App Features and Notifications

Once you have the Cloverleaf app installed and users have downloaded it, you can start receiving Cloverleaf insights straight to MS Teams.


  • Receive Daily Coaching directly in MS Teams

  • Rate, Save, Share, and Reflect on Coaching Tips

  • Navigate to Account Settings in Cloverleaf (Cloverleaf app is preauthorized)

  • Receive all app communication in MS Teams
    Learn more

Cloverleaf Org Admins

Integration Settings (in Cloverleaf)

​Navigate to Admin Dashboard via your profile icon in the top right (Admin Settings). Under Organization Settings, click the 🔌 Integrations Tab.

Having the MS Teams Integration enabled allows anyone in your organization to install the Cloverleaf app in MS Teams. Anyone in your organization who wishes to use Cloverleaf on MS Teams has to add the app to their account. Enabling this only grants access to do so, and does not install anything for users in MS Teams.

If you need to disable MS Teams for your organization, you can turn this off. Disabling MS Teams in Cloverleaf hides the integration on Cloverleaf so users no longer see it as an option in Integration and Notification settings. This will NOT disable anything within MS Teams. Users can still find the Cloverleaf app in MS Teams and install it, but won't be able to authenticate their account.

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