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Cloverleaf for Microsoft Teams

Learn more about our integration with Microsoft Teams to receive your Daily Coaching where it works for you!

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About Cloverleaf for Microsoft Teams:

Cloverleaf uses Automated Coaching(®) to outline a path to better performance across teams, departments, and organizations. Build healthier team dynamics, work through conflict, and collaborate more effectively with others through insights delivered in Microsoft Teams.

App Capabilities:

  • Receive Daily Coaching Tips on yourself

  • Receive Daily Coaching Tips about the people in your Coaching Network

  • Rate your Coaching Tips directly in MS Teams to improve the accuracy of your insights

To use Cloverleaf for Microsoft Teams:

Link to application: Cloverleaf for Microsoft Teams

Once you are set up, you can manage your settings by sending "settings" in the chat. This will prompt you to open your settings page on Cloverleaf where you can manage your preferences for coaching tips.

If you are facing issues with the Cloverleaf Microsoft Teams integration, please contact our team via support chat or by emailing

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