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This guide will walk you through how to use your My Coaching Network to customize who you receive tips on!

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My Coaching Network allows you to manage who you get Coaching Tips on, giving you the most relevant tips for who you work with most!

You can find your My Coaching Network by using your sidebar navigation menu and selecting "My Coaching Network"

From this page, you can use the search bar to see who is already in your My Coaching Network, filter by All Members or just your direct teammates, and sort by First Name, Last Name, or Email.

You can add new people to your network by clicking the "Add to Network" button in the top right. This will give you a search window to find teammates who are currently not in your My Coaching Network, as well as invite new teammates who are not yet on Cloverleaf.

You can mass select and manage your My Coaching Network by using the checkboxes column.

Selecting the "..." menu allows you to manage individuals, either removing them from your My Coaching Network or navigating over to their profile.

We recommend customizing your My Coaching Network to those you work closely with! You do not have to be on a team together on Cloverleaf in order to add or remove someone from your My Coaching Network. Joining a team will automatically add those teammates to your My Coaching Network, but leaving a team will not remove them. The teammate icon next to someone's name indicates if you are on a team together on Cloverleaf!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Coaching Network the same as my Organization's Directory?

No, your Organization Directory is a list of everyone in your organization on Cloverleaf.

Can my people see who’s in my network?

No, your Coaching Network is managed by you and only visible to you!

Will teammates be notified when I add or remove them from my network?

No, users will only be notified if their profile is private.

Can I add people outside my organization to my network?

No, you can only add people within your organization to your network.

Check out our full FAQ page on My Coaching Network!

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