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This guide walks you through how to use our Insight Search feature!

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At Cloverleaf, we know that looking through every assessment you've taken is a lot of information to digest. On top of that, also learning about your teammates, and finding the right information when you need it can be challenging! That's why we built Insight Search: a tool that allows you to search through coaching tips for yourself and your teammates to find the Cloverleaf tips you want- when you need them!

How to Use Insight Search

You can find Insight Search on My Dashboard and in your Daily Coaching Experience. When you first come to My Dashboard, you will see the search box with some suggested prompts to try out. You can search for tips on yourself, or tips on your teammates using the "@" symbol. You can access your search history and your searches are completely private (neither Cloverleaf nor your employers can access this information.)

Note: This feature is not available to users using the platform in languages other than English.

Insight Search on My Dashboard

Go to My Dashboard and navigate to the search bar- right at the top of the page.

Type your question in the search bar. You can search questions about yourself and your teammates using the "@" symbol, and it will bring up a set of relevant tips to answer your question.

You can click through the tips at come up from your search. You can also react, save, share, or reflect on any coach tips!

Tip: You can type phrases, keywords, or full questions or try using the suggested searches!

To search for a tip on a teammate, use "@" followed by your teammate's name. Suggested searches will recommend teammates to see tips about. Your search results will allow you to look through any tips that come up for that teammate and react, save, share, and/or reflect on those tips.

You can also see your search history and most recent searches by clicking into the search bar and looking under "RECENT SEARCHES." You can click these to go back to your previous search or hit "X" to clear them out of your history. Your searches are completely private - neither Cloverleaf nor your employers can access this information.

Keyboard Accessibility

The entire Insight Search experience is also accessible via keyboard navigation:

  • @ : Initiates searching for tips about a person, e.g. @Darrin Murriner or @Kirsten Moorefield.

  • ⬆️,⬇️: Move focus between items in a list, ex. people or suggested searches.

  • Tab: Moves focus between search components e.g. the search bar, "X"-ing out a query, hitting the "Search" button, and the "Try Searching" buttons.

  • Space Bar: Returns returns the cursor back to the search bar if struck while navigating through the drop-down experience so you can continue refining your search.

  • Enter : Initiates the search.

Insight Search in Daily Coaching Experience

  1. Go to your Daily Coaching Experience

  2. After viewing your Daily Coaching Tip and your Daily Team Coach Tip, you can click a suggested search to be brought to another tip on Insight Search.

Here are some examples of what you might search for:

What's my leadership style?

When do I feel most creative?
How can I manage stress?
When do I feel energized at work?
How to give and receive feedback?

What is @Allison's communication style?
What motivates @Allison?
How do I address conflict with @Alllison?
How does @Allison cope with stress?
When does @Allison feel most creative?

Searching for a tip and receiving this message?

Taking another assessment may unlock the content you're looking for!

Here are some assessment guidelines if you are looking for more tips:

  • For more tips on change or persuasion, we recommend taking 16 Types or Instinctive Drives

  • For more tips on communication, we recommend taking Enneagram, 16 Types, Instinctive Drives or CliftonStrengths®

  • For more tips on conflict, we recommend taking 16 Types and Enneagram

  • For more tips on leadership, we recommend taking Strengthscope® and/or CliftonStrengths®

  • For more tips on development or motivation, we recommend taking Enneagram, 16 Types, Instinctive Drives or CliftonStrengths®

  • For more tips on work style, we recommend taking DISC, 16 Types, Strengthscope®, or Instinctive Drives

  • For more tips on productivity and energy, we recommend taking Energy Rhythm.

Note: You can get tips in these categories from other assessments on Cloverleaf; these are just some suggestions!

Got something to say? We're all ears! We are excited to share this feature with you and we can't wait to hear what you think. Just follow the feedback link at the bottom of the search drop-down. This link can also be found on the Support Messenger home page.

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