Enneagram Type 7: The Enthusiast

Let's dive deeper into Type 7 on the Enneagram, the Enthusiast!

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When you discuss Enneagram types at work, you open up the possibility for empathy, compassion, and understanding. A team that works well together performs better, improves communication, and enjoys more purpose-filled work.

Type 7: The Enthusiast

Motivated by the need to be happy and plan enjoyable activities, to contribute to the world, and to avoid suffering and pain. Lighthearted, generous, outgoing, caring and fun. Enjoys introducing friends and loved ones to new experiences and adventures. Frequently juggles several careers or jobs at once. Quick-minded and able to learn new things quickly. Commonly radiates joy and optimism, expresses childlike astonishment, and experiences life as a gift. Relaxed, full of good humor, imaginative, sunny, playful, with a disarming kind of charm.

They are spontaneous, imaginative, charming people who bring fun to the workplace. They’re motivated to be happy and are fearful of experiencing limitations. Sevens have a positive outlook on life, and their enthusiasm proves a valuable asset to their team.

Sevens are lighthearted, generous, outgoing, and caring. They enjoy sharing new experiences with friends and teammates. This type typically radiates joy and optimism, expresses childlike astonishment, and experiences life as a gift. They see opportunities others may miss but can be impulsive and fail to see projects through.


  • 6: The Loyalist: The Six wing fuels a greater sense of duty, commitment, loyalty, and diligence - making it more likely that what is started will get finished and that, along the way, there will be time to connect and build relationships. On the downside, it can increase anxiety and cause Sevens to become overly sensitive.

  • 8: The Challenger: The Eight wing can influence a Seven to become more exuberant, bold, aggressive, and competitive. It can provide the energy needed to achieve desired goals by being naturally persuasive, assertive and playful. On the downside, it can cause Sevens to vie for the freedom to start new things that, ultimately, will never get finished.


  • 5: The Sage: Becomes more introspective, contemplative, and serious - able to think deeply about the meaning and purpose of life by moving toward the positive qualities of Fives. Grows increasingly comfortable with solitude, getting in touch with fears, and accepting both the pleasures and pains - especially the pains - that come with everyday life. When Sevens feel secure, they accept the good and the bad. They can slow their pace and focus.


  • 1: The Reformer: Can become cynical, hypercritical, judgmental, and irritable by moving toward the negative and perfectionistic qualities of Ones. Often quick to blame others, and slow to see the humor in situations. Gets trapped in black-and-white thinking patterns and can’t get out. Stress can lead Sevens towards criticism, fault-finding, and narrow-mindedness.

Communication Style

Fast-paced, energetic, visionary, and confident. Sevens like to keep conversations upbeat. When communicating with them, look for areas of agreement and opportunities that foster synergy.

Your work habits and communication strategies depend primarily on fear and internal motivations. When you identify these in yourself and others, you will have better self-awareness and a heightened appreciation for teamwork.

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