Enneagram Type 9: The Peacemaker

Let's dive deeper into Type 9 on the Enneagram, the Peacemaker!

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When you discuss Enneagram types at work, you open up the possibility for empathy, compassion, and understanding. A team that works well together performs better, improves communication, and enjoys more purpose-filled work.

Type 9: The Peacemaker

Motivated by the need to keep the peace, to connect with others, and to avoid conflict. Has many variations in personality, from gentle and mild-mannered to independent and forceful. Is kind, gentle, reassuring, supportive, loyal and nonjudgmental in relationships. Listens well, is objective, and excels at unbiased mediation with the ability to see and appreciate the positive aspects of both sides. Is a peacemaker with the gift of accepting others without prejudice which makes people feel understood and accepted. An innate sense of fairness fuels a relentless pursuit of peace and justice.

They are mediators of the group and thrive when helping differing parties resolve conflict. Their motivation stems from a desire for peace of mind and fears of experiencing overwhelming strife. Nines can handle difficult conversations and remain level-headed. They are commonly the person people go to when they need a resolution or a second opinion concerning a pressing issue. Their feelings do not drive them; they have keen instincts that help them gather wisdom to share. Nines are not confrontational but can navigate conflict to ensure both sides feel understood.

Nines want to keep the peace, connect with others, and avoid conflict. Typically, Nines are kind, gentle, reassuring, supportive, loyal, and nonjudgmental. This type can exhibit various characteristics, from gentle and mild-mannered to independent and forceful.

They have excellent listening skills, are objective, and excel at unbiased mediation with the ability to see and appreciate the positive aspects of both sides.


  • 8: The Challenger: The Eight wing can influence a Nine to become more assertive, confident, inner-directed, and authoritarian. This may appear as the Nine vacillating back and forth between being aggressively confrontational and overly accommodating. On the downside, it can surface a deep inner anger that can be aimed at others in times of stress.

  • 1: The Reformer: The One wing can influence a Nine to become more introverted, orderly, and structured - fueling a strong focus, steadfastness, and deep-seated sense of right and wrong. On the downside, it can cause hyper-critical attitudes or passive-aggressive behavior.


  • 3: The Achiever: Becomes more energetic, efficient, goal-oriented, and self-confident by moving toward the positive qualities of Threes. Is able to stay focused, make decisions, and still enjoy genuine peace and harmony. When Nines feel secure, they tend to be more practical, productive, focused, and confident.


  • 6: The Loyalist: Can become overcommitted, plagued with anxiety and worry, self-doubting, and rigid by moving toward the negative qualities of Sixes. Over time, may grow increasingly passive and inactive. Stress impacts Nines with a sense of anxiety and indecisiveness. They can begin to overcommit and doubt their abilities.

Communication Style

Affirming, supportive, easygoing, and diplomatic. Nines are open to others and value their opinions. They enjoy meaningful conversation and appreciate when others reciprocate the same.

Your work habits and communication strategies depend primarily on fear and internal motivations. When you identify these in yourself and others, you will have better self-awareness and a heightened appreciation for teamwork.

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