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How to Share Coaching Tips
How to Share Coaching Tips

This guide will walk you through how to share your Cloverleaf Coaching Tips!

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Cloverleaf allows you to share your Coaching Tips with both your teammates and people outside of Cloverleaf! Tips can be shared from Insight Search on My Dashboard, and in your Daily Coaching Experience.

When you navigate to Insight Search on My Dashboard and search for tips, you will see a share icon above each Coaching Tip.

When you click the share button, a pop-up with a shareable link will appear. You can copy this link and share it anywhere for people to be able to view your Coaching Tip. The link is specific to that tip!

In your Daily Coaching Experience, you will see the same option to share your tips!

Depending on where the link is shared, a preview of the tip will be generated. Clicking on the link brings you to a page on Cloverleaf showing that specific Coaching Tip. Try sharing a tip with your teammates in Slack or MS Teams!

You can share both Coaching Tips about yourself and tips you receive about your teammates. If you share a tip about yourself, here are the views that people will be able to see it in. A tip on yourself will include your name and profile icon.

If the person viewing your tip is signed into Cloverleaf, they will see their sidebar navigation and be able to easily navigate back into Cloverleaf.

If the person viewing your tip does not have a Cloverleaf account or is not signed in, they can still view your tip! This means you can easily share tips on yourself with anyone, regardless if they have been on Cloverleaf before!

Tips you share on your teammates are impacted based on their privacy settings. If they have it set so anyone can view their profile and tips, then you will see their name and profile icon associated with their tip.

If your teammate has their privacy a bit more restricted, then the person viewing the tip will have to sign in or have a Cloverleaf account to see that tip.

Privacy Settings as it relates to sharing:

  • Anyone who can see a tip on you will be given an option to share your tip. Depending on your settings, however, that will require the viewer to sign in.

  • You can manage your privacy settings in Account Settings (click your avatar in the top right corner of Cloverleaf)

    Did you know you can also save tips? Check out this guide to learn more!

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