New Updates: Cloverleaf & Microsoft Teams

Cloverleaf's MS Teams app has new updates! Learn more about our improved integration and get coaching tips where you work most!

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Cloverleaf integrates with Microsoft Teams, making it easier for you to receive Daily Coaching Tips and app communication where it works for you!

Daily Coaching Tips can help you build healthier team dynamics, work through conflict, and collaborate more effectively! It's important not only to get coaching on the right people but in the right place. Coaching Tips are generated to give you coaching on who you work with most. We've integrated with Microsoft Teams to make it easier for you and your team to use Cloverleaf where you work most.

Once Cloverleaf is installed in MS Teams, you can:

  • Complete Daily Coaching Tips directly in Microsoft Teams

  • React to your tips from Cloverleaf, rating them as helpful or unhelpful

  • Share tips that resonate with your teammates

  • Save tips you want to refer back to later

  • Reflect on tips with personalized prompts in your Daily Coaching Experience

  • Adjust preferences for Daily Coaching, app notifications, and other essential communication to receive them directly in MS Teams.

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