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This guide will walk you through using Leads with My Organizations.

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This feature is available for Growth, Performance, and Executive Coaching plans.

With Leads, coaches can easily use Cloverleaf to advertise their services. Leads will be able to join Cloverleaf on a free trial tied to your organization. Create links to be shared at conferences, networking, or in your communications.

Let's walk through how this works!

Within your main coaching org, on the left sidebar, navigate to Leads.

Click Create Lead Link, this will pop up a module to enter the information for your link.

We recommend naming the promo code something to remember what that link is for, for example, Cloverleaf Conference 2024. This will automatically create the url for your link.

Select the default assessment you want them to be prompted to take when they sign up. On the trial experience, users will automatically have access to DISC, 16 Types, Enneagram, Energy Rhythm, Instinctive Drives, and VIA. If you select another assessment as default, they will be given access to that assessment too and prompted to take it first.

Select any Org Managers for this link, these should be anyone on your team who needs access to the trials that are created from the link.

Once your link is saved, it will appear under Active.

To share the link, simply click the copy icon to the right of the promo code. Anyone who uses the link will be prompted to create an account and taken through the trial experience on Cloverleaf.

You can edit, deactivate links, and set up webhooks from this page. You can click into any active trials by clicking the number under that link, or by going to Trials in My Organizations.

Trials are active for 30 days. You can navigate to Organization Settings, change Organization Managers, or convert the trial to an Active Engagement.

Once you convert the trial to an engagement, they will have the same timeframe on the platform as any other engagements you created, regardless of how long their trial was active. Trials that expire will move to Inactive, and can be converted later.

Learn more about using Webhooks with Leads

Free Trial Experience

Users have access to DISC, Enneagram, 16 Types, Energy Rhythm, VIA, and Instinctive Drives by default. They can get coaching tips and interact fully with the platform. They do not have access to reports.

When they sign up, they will create an organization as if they were an engagement, except they only have access for 30 days. They can invite their teammates to join Cloverleaf, and can see how much time is left on their trial.

Once their trial expires, they will lose access to the majority of the features on Cloverleaf, as well as any premium assessments.

They can still access DISC, Enneagram, and 16 Types, but will no longer be able to take any other assessments. Any existing results from the trial will remain on their profile.

If you are on a Basic, Pro, or Premium Coaching Plan, you can still access the old version of this feature.
Learn more.

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