1. Sign In to your admin account.

  2. In the left hand navigation you will see a option titled "ORGANIZATION SETTINGS". Select this to open your organizations settings.

3. From here, you have the sections: General Details,  Organization Configuration, Organization Invites, Billing Settings, and Organization Roles. Lets look at each option further.

General Details

From here, you can change your Organization (display) Name as well as view Organization Address (can be changed by contacting Cloverleaf). This is your organizations web domain for Cloverleaf and can be used to allow new people to sign up (add "/signup") or to have a Candidate create a profile (add "/apply").

Add your company logo to personalize Cloverleaf for your teams. The logos you upload will appear throughout the app. The horizontal logo will show up in invite emails and on assessment start pages. The icon logo will show up in the top-left corner of the screen.

For more personalization on reports as a coach, read here.

Organization Configuration

This features allows you to choose which assessments and features you would like to enable in your organization. If this is the first time you have opened the Organization Configuration, it may be a little overwhelming. Don't worry! Here is a separate article walking you through just how to set things up the way you want for your organization.

Organization Invites

In this section, you can resend invite emails by clicking the green "Resend Invite Emails" button. If your employee or coworker has not joined the team, this will send a reminder to their email.

Billing Settings

Click the "Update Payment Method" button if how you pay for the plan or your subscription is changing.  Here is more on Enterprise and Coach Subscription Management.

Organization Roles

Here, you can add the different types of team roles that your people fill. At the top, you can "ADD NEW ROLE", change the name of current roles by clicking the name, or "DELETE ROLE". You can also see the number of users and candidates in each role.

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