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We have made some updates to the way Cloverleaf looks! Check out this article for details on the new navigation of our pages.

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We have updated the way you navigate to your dashboards on Cloverleaf and are excited to show you the changes! This guide will walk you through these new updates.

Let's walk through the new Navigation!

We have updated your Cloverleaf page to have a side navigation menu. In this navigation menu, you will find My Dashboard, My Assessments, My Coaching Network, My Teams, Company Directory (if enabled), and Client Navigator (if enabled).

This menu is collapsable and will adjust based on the size of your browser window.

My Dashboard

My Dashboard (what was previously known as ME Dashboard) is your landing page for:

  • Your Daily Coaching Experience

  • Insight Search

  • Resource Feed

  • Calendar Insights (if enabled)

My Assessments

My Assessments is where you can find all of the assessments available to you on Cloverleaf (previously in the ME Dashboard). You can take them for the first time, dive deeper into your results, retake them as needed, and download reports. The more assessments you take, the more insights you'll get!

My Coaching Network

Your Coaching Network could previously be accessed via My Dashboard. This is now on its own page, making it easier to access and manage who you get coaching tips on. If you aren't familiar with the Coaching Network, check out this guide!

My Teams

This is where you can navigate to your Team Dashboards! This allows you to see the teams you are on and the team view of you and your teammates' assessment results.

Organization Directory

This is where you can find your Organization Directory! This allows you to see all of the teammates in your org, invite new members, and see who you are on a team with.

Account Settings

All of your account settings can now be found by going to your profile icon in the top right corner.

From here, you will see a drop-down menu. Your view will look slightly different depending on what permissions you have and if you have linked any accounts to your profile.

If you need a reminder of how this functioned previously:

Previously, you would have navigated to your ME and TEAM Dashboards from the menu at the top of the page. (If you are an org admin, this is also where you would find your ADMIN page.) Your Coaching Network, Assessments, and Directory also lived on your ME Dashboard.

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