By integrating multiple calendars with your Cloverleaf profile, you will be able to see even more insights based on calendar events. Here's how you integrate an additional calendar: 

1. Sign in to your profile and click on your ME Dashboard at the top of the page. 

2. If you already have one calendar connected, you should see a CALENDAR INSIGHTS box on the top left of your screen. Click on the settings icon at the top right-hand corner.

3. There are a lot of settings that you can change, but connecting a new calendar is at the very top.

4. Click on "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Microsoft" and this will then take you to a screen that asks you to allow Cloverleaf access to your Google or Microsoft account. 

5. Once connected, you will see insights on events and individuals from both connected calendars in one place.

Learn about your privacy settings here.

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