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Cloverleaf Slack Integration
Cloverleaf Slack Integration

This article describes more about setting up the Slack integration and the Cloverleaf Bot.

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Cloverleaf is on Slack!

With a seemingly constant stream of Slack notifications, sometimes it can feel like a full time job just staying on top of messages. You're messaging your team all the time and realize there's got to be a better way to not only say what you have to say, but to say it in the best way possible with your team's personalities, work styles, and preferences in mind.

Start every conversation off right with Cloverleaf’s Slack Integration. From using communication insights to figure out how to best word your next message, to using work style insights to design the next to-do item for a teammate, there's plenty of insights right at your fingertips within Slack with Cloverleaf's integration.

How it Works

There are two different ways to interact with Cloverleaf here on Slack. 

  1. Continued insights - respond in the thread and get the conversation going with your coworkers! In order to receive personalized Cloverleaf messages, you'll need to connect an account.

  2. Slash commands - You can get insights on anyone in the channel with an account connected. Use /cloverleaf @teammate to pull an insight. You can also pull an insight for all of these different topics: communication, work style, development, motivation, [and any others]. Just add the topic on the end of the slash command like this: /cloverleaf @teammate communication. Also, don't worry, these slash commands will only be visible to you.

If you would like to no longer appear in continued insights, use the slash command '/cloverleaf opt out' to have Cloverleaf not send insights about you and '/cloverleaf help' for the rundown. 

How to Get Started

You can set up your Cloverleaf bot on the Slack App Directory

  1. Go to the Cloverleaf page on Slack.

  2. Click the green 'Add to Slack' button on the left of the page

  3. Click Install Cloverleaf to Slack on the Cloverleaf page

  4. Go to Slack. You will have received a message from Cloverleaf to add the bot to any channel you would like. Use the drop down to choose a channel. Once added, the bot will send weekly conversation starters right to your channel

And you're done! Sit back and let Cloverleaf start the conversation.

For more help with the Slack bot, check out this article.

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