An organization (only parent org) can control who is allowed to join your company account without being invited directly via email. This setting is located under the "Organization Configuration" tab in the ADMIN settings sidebar.

There are three different setting states:

1. Invite Only

If you do not want your organization to be discoverable and joinable to employees that don't yet have an account then you can leave both setting items unchecked.

This means the only way someone can join your organization is if they are specifically invited via email (or using a custom team link). If you are looking to further specify who is able to send a direct invite you can do so using the detailed configuration settings further down on this same page.

2. Enable Authorized domains

When the "Enable Authorized Domains" option is selected you will be prompted to add an email domain (quick tip: you will not need to include the @ symbol when entering domains).

When a domain is authorized this means that anyone with an email matching this domain can join your organization account directly. This could be through your organization's generic signup link or if someone creates an individual Cloverleaf account using this domain they will be prompted with the option to join your organization.

Regardless of how someone joins your organization account, they will be required to verify that they are the owner of that email address. So even if you use this setting (which would recommend for any larger companies) access to join is secure.

3. Joinable to Anyone

When the "Joinable to anyone" option is selected it means that anyone is permitted to join your organization using any email domain if they go to your organization's generic signup URL (i.e.

We do not recommend using this option, especially for larger companies on Cloverleaf because anyone could sign up under your company account without being invited or even working there.

This setting is sometimes used for coaches and consultants using Cloverleaf but in this case, our recommendation would still be to use invites/team links or the Lead Link Feature to allow people to join your Cloverleaf account.

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