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Manage Who Can Join your Organization
Manage Who Can Join your Organization

Manage who can join your organization's account whether it be through an invite or by adding authorized email domains

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As an Org Admin, you can manage who is allowed to join your organization's account without being invited directly via email. This setting is located under the Access section of the Configuration page. You can navigate to this by clicking on Organization Settings in your Admin Dashboard.

Trusted Domains

Trusted domains can be used to restrict access to your organization as well as help users find the right organization or team. You can add any domains you wish to your organization. We recommend this as it will make it easy for your teammates to join Cloverleaf. You can also remove domains at any time. (Quick tip: you will not need to include the @ symbol when entering domains).
When a domain is authorized this means that anyone with an email matching this domain can join your organization account directly. This could be through your organization's generic signup link or if someone creates an individual Cloverleaf account using this domain they will be prompted with the option to join your organization.
​Regardless of how someone joins your organization account, they will be required to verify that they are the owner of that email address. So even if you use this setting (which would recommend for any larger companies) access to join is secure.

Access Type

Invite Only

If you set your organization to invite only, any new team members must be invited in order to join your organization.


If you set your organization to Discoverable, any new users with an authorized email domain will be able to find your organization and join. This also means that users can still join via invite.

Invite Permissions

This is where you can manage who is able to send invites to your organization. This can be set to Org and Group Admins only or to Everyone. If you set it to Everyone, that allows for users to invite their teammates as they wish.

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