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Send Invites to your Teammates
Send Invites to your Teammates

Here are a few easy ways to you to invite your teammates to Cloverleaf!

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If your organization is set up for you to be able to send invites for people to join Cloverleaf, you will be able to invite them to join in a few different ways! Let's walk through how!

Calendar Insights

After syncing your Google or Microsoft calendar with Cloverleaf, you might notice you’re not getting insights on some of your team members.

You can click on the invite button (envelope) for any teammates showing as green to invite them to join Cloverleaf!

My Coaching Network

Navigate to My Coaching Network from the sidebar menu. Clicking the "Add to Network" button does let you add existing teammates to your network, but you can also send invites for new teammates to join your organization on Cloverleaf and be a part of your network.

This will open up a pop-up window where you can type in your teammate's email address. After typing in their email, click invite <teammates email> and then click the green add button.

Organization Directory (if enabled)

On your Organization Directory page, you will see a green invite members button!

This will open a pop-up with the option to send invites directly to your teammate's email or to use the shareable invite link!

Creating a New Team
If you have access to create a new team in your organization, you can also invite new teammates there. Go to your Team Dashboard and select the "Add Team" button. A dropdown will appear with an option to create a new team.

Once you set up your team, you will be taken to an invite page. Here you can add both existing teammates and invite new ones to your team directly!

Reminder: Your organization must have invite access enabled to everyone in order for these options to be available (managed by your org admin)!

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