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Cloverleaf is an online platform that uses aggregated data of various assessments to give you daily coaching tips. We know high performing teams drive more innovative and effective business results.

Cloverleaf is the company approved, technology platform that constructively disrupts how we develop and grow our team members and teams by creating a language to learn personal strengths and limitations.

Cloverleaf can help improve team effectiveness and ability to work together efficiently, create space team members feel heard and understood, identify team skills and strengths, and enable more effective team communication.


  • Cloverleaf is a self-serve coaching tool that provides unique and cutting-edge coaching tips through combined assessment data to drive team effectiveness

  • One platform for 10 assessments – i.e., 16 Types, DiSC, Enneagram

  • Gives individuals and teams a shared language to share personal working styles and strengths

  • Ongoing, personalized coaching tips that are research validated & integrated with our systems (i.e. Outlook, Slack, MS Teams

  • Produce data visualization for employees and teams with insights that build over time with aggregated assessment data

Cloverleaf is a user-friendly platform anyone can use. There are four key parts to the platform.

  • Assessments: Assessment data is aggregated so you get more personalized coaching over time.

  • ME Dashboard: Personal hub of assessment data & coaching tips.

  • TEAM Dashboard: Easy to understand visualizations of your teams’ assessment results, this interactive dashboard gives you the ability to use digital fluency to unleash your team’s potential.

  • Personalized Insights: Automatic coaching tips are generated by individual assessments data.


Cloverleaf empowers individual and teams to leverage digital fluency to build self -awareness and develop and coach individuals and teams.

  • ME Dashboard: This can be used to help give language to your natural working preferences, strengths, and limitations, and gives people ability to better communicate during meetings by understanding your teammates personalities and work styles. Team leads can have more effective 1:1 conversations by learning about their individual contributors.

  • TEAM Dashboard: This can be used to help strengthen teams as they learn about each other. The team dashboard can help a leader build people management skills to be a better coach and build an inclusive team. It allows teams to identify their natural abilities and strengths for roles and projects, and provides guidance to troubleshoot conflict.


  • Consider the well-being of your team to have a productive working relationship.

  • Model a growth mindset to learning new insights about yourself and others.

  • Actively listen when you learn preferred working preferences or insights.

  • Identify the strengths of your team to achieve winning business results.

  • Build Respect by overcoming bias about your team.

Be wary of the temptation to “label”, categorize, or stereotype when looking at assessment results. Instead, make the goal deeper understanding and appreciation for uniqueness and differences in working styles.

Get started by sharing the team effectiveness tool at your next team meeting. Together we will build manager skills to watch your team thrive!

Cloverleaf has a lot to offer, so check out our blog or other articles about the TEAM Dashboard.

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