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How To Create A "Low-Hanging Fruit" Starter Package For Clients
How To Create A "Low-Hanging Fruit" Starter Package For Clients

Strategies to leverage Cloverleaf that can work hand-in-hand to help develop your 1-1 coaching business.

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Cloverleaf is a powerful differentiator for coaches with individual coaching practices. This eBook is for all of you hustling to grow or expand your existing coaching practice.

The marketing and business aspect of building a growing and thriving coaching practice requires as much time as honing our coaching skills.

You must powerfully coach yourself to dedicate time to marketing activities. As you invest that time and creativity, the results will arise organically. Let’s dive into a few powerful strategies leveraging Cloverleaf that can work hand-in-hand to help develop your 1-1 coaching business.


With Cloverleaf you have the ability to create a smaller coaching package entirely out of debriefing the assessments and their insights.

Consider designing a 3-4 session package that includes a combination of 16 Types, DISC and Enneagram. Depending on your area of expertise you can shape or theme a package around leadership development, professional development, career development, or even personal awareness. A Cloverleaf coach recently designed a package around using the Cloverleaf assessments to re-evaluate your career development path.

In your marketing content, it’s important to stress that the coaching package includes over $200 worth of assessments. Price this package accordingly with your other existing packages to stay consistent with your pricing.

The beauty of a package like this is that even when you are complete with your sessions, your client is still connected to you through the Cloverleaf dashboard. They will still get their coaching tips, reminding them of their relationship with you even after the sessions are over.

While you may usually have clients set the agenda for coaching sessions, this package is designed to be a little more prescriptive, in that it focuses on the assessment debriefs. The following is an outline of how to weave a coaching technique into the process.


Request that the client complete all of your required assessments (you get control over deciding which assessments are right for each client) within 48 hours of session 1. Be sure in the discovery call to ask them to share their intention or desired outcome from using the assessments. (i.e. Is it to gain clarity on a new career? to develop as a leader? prepare for a promotion?)

Prior to session 1, go in and review their first assessment results (to see the full list of assessments visit our assessments page here) and design several questions that speak to their desired outcome. For example, if their desired outcome or goal was around leadership development: “How have you leveraged being a [fill in the assessment type] to effectively lead in the past? Share an example.”

Prepare accordingly for each assessment debrief session similarly. Request that the client take the same time to go over their results for the appropriate assessment prior to each session. You may want to send them background on each assessment which is available to Cloverleaf coaches as a part of our Resource Library.


For all sessions, use powerful questions to connect the assessment to their desired outcome or focus. If it’s appropriate, develop actions around any insights. This can include exploring some of the curated content in Cloverleaf or developing practices that help leverage the assessment to speak to a goal or their desired outcome.

You may want to send these powerful questions to the client before a session if they learn best by having time to process.

The following is an example of what a session outline might look like:

Session 1:

  • What most resonates with you about your results?

  • Have you taken a similar assessment in the past? What changed or stayed the same?

  • What are you noticing about your results and the desired outcome you stated?

Session 2:

  • How has your DISC type helped you collaborate/communicate with others in the past successfully?

  • How has it hindered you?

  • What is the most important insight from this assessment that can influence your desired outcome?

Session 3:

  • How does your “wing” compliment your personality type?

  • Read about your stress, growth and triad here.

  • Give examples of experiences in your life or work where these aspects of your personality were most reflected.

Session 4: Putting it together: Use this session to gather the most important insights from the assessments to articulate any goals or go-forward actions.

  • What two insights have been the most valuable for you from taking and discussing your assessment results?

  • How have the past few sessions impacted your desired outcome?

  • [You may want to craft more questions that are specific to their situation here.]

  • What goal, if any, would you be motivated to achieve from your most recent insights?

  • What is the first action or step you will take towards this goal and when will you take it?

*Don’t be afraid at the end of the sessions to ask if they would like to continue working with you on some of their insights, goals and actions. Come READY with possible upsell opportunities, packages and pricing that are appropriate.

Cloverleaf has a lot to offer, so check out our blog or other articles about the TEAM Dashboard.

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