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How To Share Cloverleaf With Coaching Clients Using The Lead Function
How To Share Cloverleaf With Coaching Clients Using The Lead Function

Strategies that coaches and consultants can use to introduce Cloverleaf to new or existing clients.

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The Leads functionality offers a powerful way to introduce Cloverleaf to prospects and introduce them to you as well!

Leads is a feature only available in our Basic, Pro, and Premium Coaching Plans.

For users in Growth, Performance, and Executive Coaching plans, use this guide for setting up Leads.

In addition, learning how to powerfully share Cloverleaf with your existing clients can enhance your product delivery and the client experience.

Whether you are a person who coaches individuals or teams or serves as an organizational consultant, the following strategies can be retro-fitted to your needs:

  • Reaching out to former clients using Leads

  • Email & Social Media strategy for Leads

  • Introducing Cloverleaf to existing clients

How To Reach Out To Former Clients Using The Cloverleaf Lead Function

In my previous product guide, Using Cloverleaf to Boost your 1-1 Coaching Business, I shared a strategy for reaching out to former clients for a Cloverleaf discovery call.

With the updated leads feature, you can create a more direct call to action by inviting them to test Cloverleaf.

With this method, create a task after an assessment is taken to schedule a call with you via your calendar link.

After setting up unique links for whatever assessments you’d like to offer, your email might look something like this:


I hope this message finds you well! [Insert personal statement here that is unique to them]. I wanted to reach out to you to share some additional functionality I’ve incorporated into my coaching practice with Cloverleaf.

In the past, you may have taken a personality assessment and filed the results away. However, with Cloverleaf, results from various assessments are curated into an interactive dashboard that provides ongoing insight, learning, and development for individuals and teams.

Its innovative Team Dashboard can be leveraged to boost productivity, improve communication, and impact performance.

The best way to understand to experience Cloverleaf! I’m extending an invitation to take a free 16 Types, DISC, or Enneagram assessment. [Hyperlink each of these with your leads links].

Once you complete the assessment, you’ll receive an option to set up a complimentary debrief call on my calendar. Click on any of the assessments mentioned above to get started.

I look forward to reconnecting with you.

Thank you,


This is a very general email template; you’ll want to customize this depending on what type of work you are doing.

For example, if your practice is focused more on working consultatively with teams and organizational strategy, accentuate the capability for Cloverleaf to support high-performance teams.

If you know that an organization has many teams working remotely, share its ability to powerfully connect team members at a human level.

How To Use Email & Social Media Strategy To Collect Leads With Cloverleaf

Within our Coaching Strategists 1-1 coaching practice, Stephanie saw the quickest result of using the Leads functionality with a marketing email she put together.

To give context, her 1-1 practice is dedicated to career and leadership development coaching. (to see the email I sent, CLICK HERE).

Her email list is only about 1200 people she has nurtured over the past several years. She usually only sends 1-2 emails a month. Interestingly, most of the people who responded had been on her list for 3+ years and had not taken action, such as signing up for a call or webinar. None of the respondents to this campaign were repeat clients.

She did something different here, and instead of putting one link in an email, she had people register for which assessment they wanted, DiSC, 16 Types, or Enneagram, via a Google form.

Next, she sent 1-1 emails to people with the leads link and invited them to schedule a complimentary debrief call.

You only need to create one shareable link for each campaign or effort to track effectiveness. So, you can pop the leads link right into the email you send to all relevant contacts.

Stephanie also uses Cloverleaf as part of her organizational consulting firm. She utilizes a social strategy for sharing unique lead links for marketing emails, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts. This strategy can also include putting together a short video.

Click here to see an idea for a video and post format we used on LinkedIn.

How To Introduce Existing Clients to Cloverleaf

You may have existing clients that are not yet on the Cloverleaf platform. If you are currently working with a client, here are a few approaches:

  1. If your practice comprises mostly 1-1 coaching relationships, modify the above email to speak to a current client accordingly.

    1. BONUS TIP: Find a connection to a current challenge or goal that they have, and suggest the assessment that might be best to assist them.

  2. If you work with teams and organizations before an onsite or virtual meeting with a client, add 20 minutes to the agenda to show them Cloverleaf yourself. You can also give them a heads-up about this via email.

    1. Before we model what to do, ensure you are clear about how Cloverleaf's integration into your current agreement would impact pricing. This is ONE example:

      1. Let’s say you have a monthly retainer with a client. Be prepared to offer them one or two complimentary assessments for a small group of test users (4 or 5). It’s ideal if these people are also a team.

      2. Decide on how much and when you will increase their retainer based on usage. You can do this in a few ways depending on how you will facilitate leveraging the data.

        1. Do a sliding scale based on the number of users. Remember, if these organizations were to purchase DISC and Enneagram for each person, they would be spending over $200 a head.

        2. If you don’t want to do a monthly user fee, do a one-time fee for putting everyone on the platform, still using the sliding scale, and outline how you will leverage the data in a way that speaks to their needs.

    2. When executing this method, show people the individual and team dashboard from the demo team setup in Cloverleaf, or use your profile. (You can also refer to this article in advance: How To Use Cloverleaf Daily.)

    3. Before speaking with them, find connections between their current needs and the benefits of Cloverleaf.

    4. Highlight the various assessments and their reports, team mapping, curated content, calendar integration, and daily coaching tips.

    5. Show them what it looks like to view others’ profiles and the valuable insights it can provide teams through the relationship map.

No matter what you do, the strength of your business relationship will dictate how all of these communications land. Clients you have created high trust with will be your best audience.

Prospects you seek to engage with will respond by being authentic about Cloverleaf's value and speaking to their needs. It should feel organic when you share what you are passionate about while also speaking to client needs.

These strategies should help you implement Cloverleaf into your coaching and consulting business to strengthen your value and benefit your clients!

Cloverleaf has a lot to offer, so check out our blog or other articles about the TEAM Dashboard.

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