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Five Ways to Grow your Self-Awareness

How to use Cloverleaf to strengthen your self awareness and do your best work.

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We talk a lot about teamwork, but what about those projects (and let’s be real, entire jobs) that some of us do with a team of only “me, myself, and I?” Well, the good news? That makes you the MVP.

How many times have you wondered, "Why did I do that?" "Why DIDN'T I say this?" "I wish I could just..."

Well, we're here to help you see the patterns of how you're wired so that you can make intentional decisions that set you up for success.

Here’s how to use Cloverleaf to grow your self-awareness and do your best solo work:

Take the Assessments

Learn your strengths. There are certain types of work that will energize you, and you deserve to know what strengths to lean into to make that happen.

Learn your work style. There are all kinds of theories out there about deep, uninterrupted work vs. variety and quick wins. The truth is, both are necessary and there is no one size fits all. The way your brain is wired may thrive more in one style than another.

Learn what motivates you. When you’re struggling to focus, start, or finish, try being curious about what can get you over the hump.

Find assessments across these categories here.

Coaching Emails

In all of our plans we include personal coaching emails. You’ll receive a daily tip based on your Cloverleaf profile directly to your inbox.

Daily Coach Tips Box

You can view more of the coaching tips you receive in your email by going to your ME Dashboard. Click on the topic you’re interested in to view a daily tip. You can even rate the tips and their helpfulness to help make future tips more accurate.


We've built simple and short tips because research shows that behavior changes over time, in small doses. But sometimes deeper dives bring bigger epiphanies.

You can dig more into how you're wired in reports that are available for many of the assessments on Cloverleaf.

Many of our plans include reports, or you can purchase each report individually here: 16 Types, Enneagram, and DISC.

Talk with a Coach

If you're looking for more guidance on how you're wired and how to best shape your days to the work that energizes you, talk with a career or personal coach.

Take Action

Here’s a challenge for you: go ask a co-worker (or someone else you know) what their weaknesses are. After they’ve answered, ask what their strengths are.

Most likely, your co-worker (and you) can quickly answer the first question, and may struggle to answer the second.

We spend so much energy swimming upstream to change our weaknesses. What would happen if we spent even a fourth of that energy on working to our strengths?

We’d get more work done. We’d accomplish better results. We’d go home happier, more energized. We’d start to see the strengths in others more than their weaknesses. We’d leave a draining cycle and enter a virtuous cycle.

So, take all you’ve learned and start leaning into the prominent behaviors and preferences popping up across your ME Dashboard, reports, and coaching emails…and do your best work!

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