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Cloverleaf is running a global research study! We are the first to create Automated Coaching and want to measure the impact of our platform. Having our Cloverleafers answer this series of questions helps us understand if Cloverleaf is helping people the way we'd expect. Below we walk through some more details about this questionnaire.

What is it?

A questionnaire presented to new users, measuring their current outlook on workplace-related constructs such as psychological safety, communication, and other-awareness.

Why are we doing this?

Having users complete the questionnaire allows organization leaders to measure - in aggregate - the growth of their org before and after using Cloverleaf. The results can be used to help leaders understand where to focus their attention for developing their organization and to be able to better measure the value of this tool for their company. This approach also provides value to Cloverleaf as it helps us continually improve and better serve our clients.


This questionnaire was designed by Cloverleaf’s Chief Research Officer, Scott Dust Ph.D., who is a Professor of Management at the University of Cincinnati specializing in organizational behavior and human capital analytics. This questionnaire follows the same best practices as our platform assessments with respect to reliability and validity.

You can check out more details about Cloverleaf's privacy, reliability, and validity here.

What can I expect to see in the questionnaire?

The questionnaire asks team members to state their level of agreement or disagreement with statements such as:

  • Within my team, I am able to bring up problems and tough issues.

  • I understand the best way to communicate with my team members.

  • I am aware of my teammates' strengths and weaknesses.


Individual user responses are confidential and will not be shared with employers, coaches, or Cloverleaf administrators. Aggregated data may be shared with these parties to reflect growth over time on an organizational level.


The coaching impact questionnaire is optional for all users. Additionally, organizations may deactivate the questionnaire so that it is no longer presented to any of their new users.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to We appreciate your continued partnership to improve Cloverleaf!

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