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Check out our new way to manage your organizations as a coach on Cloverleaf!

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My Organizations allows you to manage each of your coaching clients within their own organization. This allows you to easily work with your clients while giving them ownership over their space on Cloverleaf.

Clients gain more coaching and insights from Cloverleaf when they take multiple assessments. These plans automatically provide 7-10 assessments to clients. Providing clients with admin roles empowers them to have more control over their experience on Cloverleaf. Meanwhile, it still allows coaches on your team to manage the organization as Org Managers. With Org Reporting, you can conveniently view data on each of your engagements. This feature also allows the org admins of your engagements to do the same. Leads allows users to create a trial on Cloverleaf. This trial can be managed by you, providing them with a more comprehensive experience of the platform.

Let's walk through how My Organizations works.

Using the sidebar, navigate over to "My Organizations". This is your landing page to manage all of your client orgs. Pro tip: Each client you work with should have their own organization.

Creating a New Organization

From the "My Organizations" page, you will click "Create Organization", this will open up a new page and take you through a few steps!

First, you will enter the Organization Details - this is what you want the client organization to be named as well as the url (address) they will use to access their account. The best practice is to have the address match the email domain ( of your client. If the address is already being used, please reach out to your CSM. They can look into why it might have already been taken.

Allowing users to "discover and sign up using a specific email address" enables a trusted domain, making it easier for those team members to sign up! This can be managed later in Organization Settings for this organization.

Next, you will be prompted to select Organization Managers. Organization Managers are any user(s) within your coaching organization that will need access to the admin settings of the client. These managers will be given admin access to the organization's settings without having to create an account in the org itself. This is separate from an Organization Admin. Organization Admins should be used to give your client access to their organization's admin settings. (You will be prompted to add those later in the process.) If you are NOT an Organization Manager, you will not have access to view this organization or their settings.

In the example above- Pam, Taylor, and I are all coaches within our organization who could be managers of this org I am creating.

Step 3 is to upload any logos for this Organization. This can be done later by an Org Manager or Org Admin, but if you have the logos for your client- this is a great way to get them set up ahead of time!

The last step is to set up their Assessments. These settings are specific to this org and can be managed later in Organization Settings.

From here, you will see a page confirming you have successfully created the new org! If you are an Org Manager, you will be able to create teams and add people within the org, or go ahead and invite Org Admins to manage the organization. (For more information on how to navigate the admin dashboard, see the Admin Dashboard Collection in our Help Center) If you are done, you can navigate back to My Organizations.

Managing Organizations

Once you have created an Organization, it will appear on the My Organizations page. Here, you can view your Active and Inactive Organizations. Use the search bar to find a specific organization. Filter to see either All Organizations, Organizations I Manage, or Organizations I Don't Manage. Sort by Date Created or Alphabetical. And lastly, switch to a List View versus a Table View of the organizations.

Clicking the "..." menu of an Organization will open a menu to either navigate to the Organization Settings, Org Reports, or to open up the pop-up for Organization Managers for that org. You can only navigate to Organization Settings if you are an Organization Manager.

Navigating My Organizations

Organization Reporting is available in the Growth, Performance and Executive Coaching plans.

Clicking into the Organization Reports for one of your organizations will take to the Reporting page where you can pull reporting for the users in the organization. Org Reports gives admins a high-level view of core metrics allowing them to get a pulse on how their people are using Cloverleaf, giving admins the ability to drill into the data and take action to ensure their people are getting activated on Cloverleaf.

Clicking into the Organization Settings for one of your organizations will take you to their settings page within that org. This is the same page that any Org Admins within the org can view. You can see which org you are in by looking at the top left corner.

You can use this drop-down to navigate back to My Organizations or your Organization Settings noted with the home icon (both will reopen your own org and sidebar navigation), or directly into one of the other Orgs you manage.

Clicking your avatar in the top right will open up the Settings menu for Your Account. This is where you can manage your Account Settings, Default Language, Admin Settings, toggle between profiles if you have multiple, or sign out.

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