Introducing: My Dashboard!

We have made some changes to Cloverleaf and are excited to share the new My Dashboard with you!

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You might notice that we have made a few updates to Cloverleaf! Providing you with a more dynamic and simplified experience, what was known as the ME Dashboard has now become My Dashboard and My Assessments!


Looking at your sidebar navigation, you will see My Dashboard, My Assessments, My Coaching Network, My Teams, Organization Directory, and Client Navigator (if enabled.) If you aren't familiar with the new navigation on Cloverleaf, this guide will walk you through it!

πŸŽ‰ My Dashboard πŸŽ‰

When you sign in to Cloverleaf, you will be brought to My Dashboard. Here you will find features you are already familiar with like your Daily Coaching, Calendar Insights, and Resource Feed. We are also excited to announce a couple new elements as part of this launch:

  • Try out the new Insight Search- allowing you to find the tips most relevant to you! (This is replacing our Coaching Tips box) Learn more about My Dashboard

  • Check out the new Profile Card that holds details about your own Cloverleaf profile and allows you to easily navigate to other pages relevant to your profile and settings!

πŸ” Insight Search πŸ”

Insight Search allows you to search for specific Coaching Tips about yourself and your teammates. Access your search history (private to you), rate tips as they come up, and share your feedback with us about this feature. Have fun searching for and discovering the exact tips you are looking for! Learn more about Insight Search

πŸŽ‰ My Assessments πŸŽ‰

Using your sidebar menu, you can navigate over to My Assessments! This page holds all of your assessments on Cloverleaf (similar to what would be been on the ME Dashboard previously). Take assessments, review your results, retake them as needed, or download reports. Assessments are what help generate your Coaching Tips! Learn more about My Assessments here!

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