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ME Dashboard Overview
ME Dashboard Overview
Welcome to your ME Dashboard. Here, you will find everything you (possibly) ever wanted to know about yourself... and more!
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When you first arrive to your ME Dashboard, things may seem a bit overwhelming. An opportunity to take a large handful of assessments all from one page?! Do not worry, here is an overview of everything you see.

You can find seven different assessments on your ME Dashboard.  These can be toggled on or off in your settings based on what assessment you want to take and what results you want to see.

If you'd like to learn more about any assessment, hover over the question mark to see a short overview, or click the question mark to learn more details.

How many times have you gone into a meeting or gotten on a call and your same enthusiasm is not being echoed?  This is likely because everyone has a different communication style.  The Calendar Integration not only shows the entire day's events, but will also send you tips on how to have effective meetings with the other attendees.

Insights Box

Our insight feed may be one of the most helpful tools on the ME Dashboard, it allows you to gather up-to date insights on yourself each time you login.  When you click on each section, you will see a different insight!


This section allows you to enter in work-place or other skills you possess and rate them out of ten.  These can be changed at any time, because you'll always be gaining new skills!

Client Navigator

Client Navigator coaches you on how to customize your approach for individual clients without having them take an assessment. You will answer 8 questions for each client based on your interactions with them, which will generate strategies and tips on how to approach your work with that client. Note that Client Navigator is only available for certain plans, learn more here!

Resource Feed

The Resource Feed is full of helpful and insightful articles if you want to do some reading in your spare time. 

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