When you first arrive to your ME Dashboard, things may seem a bit overwhelming. An opportunity to take a large handful of assessments all from one page?! Do not worry, here is an overview of everything you see.

16 Types
Based on Carl Jung’s Theory of Psychological Types. This assessment is centered more around how individuals perceive the world around them and make decisions.

Measures how one responds to favorable and unfavorable environments. Centered around behavioral tendencies and can be very easily applied in the work setting. 

The Enneagram has been described as a GPS of wisdom and a tool for compassion. The Enneagram can improve interpersonal skills and communication and is also used as a personal growth tool to better understand yourself and others in your life. 

Strengthsfinder is a very common assessment in the workplace and gives a comprehensive view of what you do best.

Designed to uncover an individual's top character strengths to help them focus on operating out of a place of internal strength and understanding.

Culture Pulse

Can help inform leadership decisions around management style and provides good insight into how different individuals on the team approach their work.

Motivating Values
This assessment will help you identify work values and motivations to help ensure satisfaction and performance in a position. 


This section allows you to enter in work-place or other skills you possess and rate them out of ten. 

Our insight feed may be one of the most helpful tools on the ME dashboard, it allows you to gather up-to date insights on yourself each time you login. 


The resource feed is chock full of real life articles if you want to do some reading in your spare time. 

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