Q2 Release Notes (2024)

Check out our release notes for updates on new features and improvements to Cloverleaf. Check back here for updates every month!

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We've got a lot on the roadmap and are excited to share updates as we move throughout 2024!

May 2024

Updates and Improvements:

  • Introducing Coaching Focus 🎯

    • To make your Cloverleaf coaching experience even more impactful, you can now select a Coaching Focus. By choosing a Coaching Focus, Cloverleaf tailors your coaching journey to support your specific goals more effectively.

    • Be sure to update your role in settings first to get the most relevant Coaching Focus suggestions

  • Minor updates to onboarding experience

  • Improvements to Slack integration

  • Minor updates to Daily Coaching Emails

  • Organization Links are now supported for SSO organizations

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Additional security enhancements

April 2024

Updates and Improvements:

  • Updates to Cloverleaf's Slack Integration πŸ”Œ

    • Receive Daily Coaching directly in Slack

    • Receive all app communications via Slack

  • Improved Assessment Reminder experience

    • Now, org admins and team admins can easily manage assessment reminders for teams from Team Dashboard settings

  • Webhooks for Lead Links

    • Coach Partners using My Organizations can now easily connect and track Cloverleaf leads in their CRMs through webhooks.

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Additional security enhancements

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