How to Upload Your Avatar
Adding your photo is easy and brings some familiarity to your profile. It makes finding where you fall on your TEAM Dashboard a breeze.
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Quickly identify your unique position on various assessments both on your ME dashboard as well as on any of your teams. Below is a step by step on how to upload a personal photo as your Cloverleaf avatar.

1. Sign In to your account and click your avatar (either a picture of yourself or your initials) in the top right corner of the page.

2. Once selected, 3 options will appear. Click the first option labeled “My Account” to open your personal account settings sidebar.

3. Select the green text that reads, "UPLOAD PHOTO" at the top of your account settings.

4. To then upload your photo you can either drag a photo file into the grey dotted box or you can click anywhere inside the box to browse and choose a file from your computer.

5. Once your photo appears in the box you can scale and crop it however you would like. When you are happy with it, click “SUBMIT" and you will then have a personalized avatar.

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