Here are all of our assessments, with a brief overview of what each one is.


The StrengthsFinder assessment was developed by the Gallup organization and is based on 2 million interview which derived 34 different patterns or themes that are consistent and prevalent themes of human talent or strengths. 

The VIA assessment identifies 24 character strengths which are capacities or possibilities within us for thinking, feeling, and behaving in ways that can bring benefits to ourselves and others.


16 Types
The 16 Types assessment is based on Carl Jung's Theory of Psychological Types. The results are broken down into four categories: Extrovert or Introvert, Sensing or Intuitive, Feeling or Thinking, Judgment or Perception. 

The DISC assessment measures how one responds to favorable and unfavorable environments. It is centered around behavioral tendencies and can be very easily applied in the work setting.

The Enneagram has been described as a GPS of wisdom and a tool for compassion. The Enneagram can improve interpersonal skills and communication and is also used as a personal growth tool to better understand yourself and others in your life. 


Culture Pulse
The Culture Pulse assessment measures values, norms, beliefs, and behavior, and demonstrates how culture controls the way employees behave amongst themselves as well as with people outside the organization.

Motivating Values

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