Managing Group Settings

This guide walks through how to manage settings for groups within your organization

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If you ever need to make Group changes such as a Group name, which assessments are available, or you need to delete a group, you can do so on the Admin Dashboard.

Navigate to your Admin Dashboard by clicking your profile icon in the top right > Admin Settings.

Find and select the Group you would need to edit from the left sidebar.

Once the Group appears in the middle of your screen, click on the green edit button for the Group.

Here you will be brought to your settings page for the Group.


  • Total Counts for members, admins, teams, etc.

  • Group Invite link: this will generate an invite link to join this Group, this can also be found on the the main admin page when you select Add Person

Assessments: Manage which assessments this group can see, setting them to visible or hidden. This functions the same way as Org-level settings.

Features: Manage which features are set to default for the Group.

Click the ... menu to rename, move, or delete the Group.

Changes made to group settings will not affect the organization as a whole, only the teams and users that belong to this group. Group settings respect Org level settings.

For example, if Enneagram was hidden and locked at the Org level, it could be unlocked and changed to visible at the Group level. Any user who is a part of this Group would gain access to Enneagram, while the rest of the organization would still have that assessment unavailable.

Learn more about managing your Organization Preferences and Settings.

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