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Manage your Organization Preferences and Settings
Manage your Organization Preferences and Settings

This article will show Org Admins how to manage your organization's configuration for access, assessments, features, and onboarding.

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Welcome to the new Organization Settings page! We have made some updates to make it easier as an admin to manage your organization. You can manage the way people join your org, what assessments they use, what features you want to be enabled, and better manage the onboarding experience onto Cloverleaf for your teammates.

Reminder: This is for ORG admins, this does not apply to TEAM admins.

*We have updated our Navigation on Cloverleaf! The Admin Dashboard can now be found by going to your settings in the top right corner and clicking Admin Settings. Check out this guide for full details*

Getting to the Configuration Page

Log in to your ADMIN dashboard and click "Organization Settings" then "Configuration" from the left bar on the dashboard.

Note: You will only see leads or candidates in this left menu if those are features enabled for your org.

Navigating the Configuration Settings

You will see five sections in Organization Settings: General, Access, Assessments, Features, and Onboarding. Let's walk through these!


This section includes some high-level metrics as well as basic settings for getting started in your org on Cloverleaf.

First, you will see some metrics at the top. This includes total members in your org, the number of org admins in your org (likely a small number like 2), pending members (invites have been sent out but not accepted), the number of teams you have, and if candidate functionality is enabled in your org, the number of candidates you have.

Below this, you will see your Organization Information- this includes the name of your org as well as the organization alias (subdomain). Under Organization Information, you can change your Organization (display) Name as well as view Organization Alias (can be changed by contacting Cloverleaf). This is your organization's web domain for Cloverleaf and can be used to allow new people to sign up (add "/signup") or to have a Candidate create a profile (add "/apply").

As you scroll down, there is a section to add your company/organization logo. There is both a main logo and an icon logo. Add your company logo to personalize Cloverleaf for your teams. The logos you upload will appear throughout the app. The horizontal logo will show up in invite emails and on assessment start pages. The icon logo will show up in the top-left corner of the screen.

Lastly, you will see a section for Organization Bio. This feature is usually only for our Partner organizations. Partners- this is where you can add details about your company for your clients to show up in reports downloaded. For more personalization on reports as a coach, read here.


This section is to help manage how users join your organization and invite others.

Trusted Domains

Lets you add a new email domain for people to easily sign up for Cloverleaf from your organization. You can have multiple and they can be removed.

Access Type

Where you can manage how people find your org on Cloverleaf, it can be set to Discoverable (which allows you to use authorized domains to join), or it can be set to invite only.

Invite Permissions

Allows you to manage who can send invites to join your organization. This can be set to everyone (recommended) or to Org and Group Admins only.


This section is where you can manage the assessments available to your org.

Any assessments listed are the ones your org has access to on your plan and are available to all users in the org regardless of admin status. There are a couple of things you can do to manage these.

Default Visibility

Here, you can decide if you want an assessment to be hidden or visible by default (meaning it will show automatically on members' dashboards or not). Hidden means that it will not automatically appear on members' dashboards, but they can go into their visibility settings and turn it on at any point. Visible means it automatically shows on members' dashboards as one of their available assessments.

Here you can make the default visibility locked or unlocked. This allows you to override members' preferences, or to leave it open for them to decide if they want it on.

Note: Changing visibility to hidden and locking an assessment would be the equivalent of disabling access to that assessment for your org and will prevent members from being able to switch this assessment on and take it. Any assessments that are set as locked and visible- will be shown as an onboarding task.

Use this as a guide when setting up assessments in your organization:


This section allows you to manage the other pieces of Cloverleaf that you have access to and can decide if you want to be enabled.

This feature list can include things like Coach Tip Emails, Directory, and Profile Thinking Style Comparison. You can enable or disable these here and copy the settings to your groups as well.


This section is where you can decide what you want to assign as tasks when a new user joins your org.

Onboarding Task
This section gives you some features that you can choose to include as a task in onboarding. Including something as a task will prompt the user to complete that when they sign in.

Any assessments that are set as locked and visible- will be shown as an onboarding task.

And there we have it! That is the organization settings configuration page. If you have questions- check out our other help articles, or reach out to our Support Team at

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