Organization Configuration Settings give you control over what people in your organization see. This includes candidates, members, and admins. You can control what assessments they use, if they receive emails, if they can create their own groups and so much more. 

Getting to the Configuration Page

Log in to your admin dashboard and click "Organization Settings" then "Organization Configuration" from the left bar on the dashboard.

What it all means

Each Feature and Assessment can be configured differently for Admins, Members, and Candidates. 

You will have several different choices when you click the dropdown menus: Enabled, Disabled, Hidden by Default, Visible by Default, and Require in Onboarding.

Configuration for different groups

In addition to being able to set different settings for each user type you can also have different configuration settings for each group in your organization.

When you create a new group from the Admin Dashboard it will automatically follow the existing configuration settings of the Organization, but you can easily reset these as needed.

  1. To change a groups settings simply select the group you wish to manage in the left side bar.

  2. Once you have selected the group you want to manage, click the "edit" button to be shown the same configuration options as above.

*If you don't see a feature our assessment listed in your configuration list that you believe should be there feel free to reach out to our team at

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