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How to Motivate a Teammate Using your TEAM Dashboard
How to Motivate a Teammate Using your TEAM Dashboard

Three ways to help a team member who seems or feels unmotivated.

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It’s a fact of life that not everyone is going to be all in, 100%, and running at full speed every hour of every day. But, it is important to know how to motivate your people so that they are empowered in what they are doing everyday.

Sometimes a cup of coffee isn’t enough to bring us into the game or to put us in the spirit of hard work and dedication. It’s a challenge to motivate a team, especially when remote work is involved, but it’s not something that can’t be done.

Oftentimes, employees are unmotivated because they don’t feel connected to the success of the company, they aren’t empowered to explore solutions and possibilities on their own, and they don’t see the value in their work (

It’s not an easy task to bring an employee that’s been struggling to work alongside their team back into the groove of collaboration, but it’s not impossible. In fact, Cloverleaf has some tools to make it easier.

Lean Into Their Personality

Knowing that goal setting is a key way to motivate someone, it can be useful to look at someone’s personality and strengths and build goals around how they can push themselves outside of their natural tendencies or comfort zones.

For example, 16 Types might indicate an individual as an introvert and seems to be struggling with client-facing work. A great manager could reach out and encourage them to lean into extroversion and push themselves, and set up goals to help make that happen.

Discuss Ways for Collaboration & Accountability

This is also a great opportunity for collaboration and accountability. Work together with an employee that may be struggling and have them point out areas in which they think they may be able to improve.

Use Cloverleaf to find which strengths could make some of that work easier, or which strengths they may be lacking that they can push towards. Ask them to start thinking about what goals they’d like to set, then ask “What can I do to help you accomplish those goals?” to not only help with accountability but also to offer support in any way they need it.

Collaborating while building plans to improve is much better than a manager telling someone what to do.

Dive Into Their Motivating Values

Motivating Values can be another key way to see what motivates an individual. Each category offers insight into how someone thinks and what they value.

For example, someone Instinctive under Theoretical likely forms opinions quickly and uses feelings to make decisions. Someone that is Commanding under Politcal likely values recognition for their work and loves being asked for their expertise.

Finding ways to use these values to have conversations around how to align work with what someone values is a key way that Cloverleaf can help build motivation on your team.

It’s not as easy as clicking a button to instantly motivate a team member, but a few clicks on Cloverleaf can help you get started.

Knowing what makes someone tick and understanding why they’re not performing as well as they could, or why they aren’t enjoying their work is a great step towards actually solving the underlying problems.

Create opportunities for collaboration and empower your employees to take ownership over their work and goals, and build these goals to motivate and support them along the way.

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