Release Notes (2022)

See what we added to Cloverleaf in 2022!

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This is a high-level overview of the features and fixes added to Cloverleaf in 2022! To see what we have been up to recently- check out our current release notes!


Updates to Coaching Tip Feedback

We made some changes to the way members give feedback on their coaching tips. When a tip is rated helpful or unhelpful, a dropdown appears to share more about why it was!

AUGUST 2022:

Team Management Page

We made some changes to the settings page on the TEAM dashboard. This page allows members and admins to easily navigate the team dashboard settings and preferences.

Account Settings Page

Mirroring the same experience as the team management page, this new settings page allows members to easily navigate and make changes to settings within their accounts.

JULY 2022:
Discoverable Teams
This privacy option allows existing account members to find a Team in the Team Directory and request to join. The Team Admin will be notified and still need to approve this request before anyone is able to become a member of the team.

Team Directory
Your Team Directory consists of and is constantly updated with all public teams within your organization on Cloverleaf. It gives you the ability to quickly connect and collaborate with your teammates while working toward your common developmental goals.

Launch of new self-serve Team and Growth Plans
Now you can sign up for the plan that is best for you on Cloverleaf! The differences in these plans are noted on our Pricing Page.

APRIL 2022:

Daily Coaching right from your ME Dashboard

The new in-app daily coaching experience takes your daily coach tips to a whole new level. Get fresh insights on yourself and your teammates each day, dive deeper with specific teammates or content categories, and compare thinking styles side by side. Learn more about Daily Coaching here.


New and Improved Team Creation Experience

Creating teams and inviting members just got a whole lot easier! Now when you are creating a team for the first team or adding new ones you will experience a whole new look and feel that makes the process much smoother. Learn more about team creation here.

Redesigned Organization settings for who can join your company

The settings around “who can join this organization” just got a brand new look. You can find these settings by going to your Admin Dashboard, selecting “organization settings” and then on “organization configuration.” Learn more about how these settings work here.


NEW Daily Coaching Experience

Anytime you choose to rate one of the coach tips in your Cloverleaf coaching email, whether it be your own tip or one on a teammate, you will be taken into the app to see your coach tips for the day and can explore additional insights on yourself or a teammate.

Sample new coach tips anytime you take a new assessment

Now anytime you take an assessment for the first time you will be shown the top 3 coach tips as part of your new results.

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