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My Coaching Network FAQs
My Coaching Network FAQs

You asked, and we answered! Here are all the answers to questions we've gotten about My Coaching Network!

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Navigate to your My Coaching Network by selecting "My Coaching Network" on your sidebar navigation.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about My Coaching Network!

Is My Coaching Network the same as my Company Directory?

No, your Company Directory is a list of everyone in your organization on Cloverleaf, whereas My Coaching Network is the list of people you are receiving coaching tips on.

Can my Organization Admin or teammates see who’s in My Coaching network?

No, your My Coaching Network is confidential to you similar to your other settings. Only you can manage it, and it is only visible to you!

Can I add people outside my organization to My Coaching Network?

You can't add them automatically, but if you have a teammate who is not on Cloverleaf yet, you can send an invite for them to join directly from your My Coaching Network page. You, however, cannot add people on Cloverleaf who are part of other organizations.

Does My Coaching Network change when I join a team?

When you join a team, everyone within that team will be added to your network automatically. You can go into your My Coaching Network and remove whoever you do not wish to receive tips on!

Does my network change when I leave a team?

No, your network stays the same when you leave a team. Unlike when you join a team, leaving a team doesn't impact your My Coaching Network. If you no longer want coaching tips on people within that team, you can remove them from your network. This is because you can receive tips on people regardless of team status!

Who can add me to their My Coaching Network?

Depending on your privacy settings, anyone within your Team or Organization can add you to their My Coaching Network.

How do my privacy settings affect My Coaching Network?

Setting your privacy settings to ‘Team’ will only allow people who are on a team with you to add you to their My Coaching Network; selecting ‘Organization’ or 'Everyone' will allow anyone within your organization to add you to their My Coaching Network. To learn more about adjusting your privacy settings, click here.

Why am I getting coaching tips on someone I am not on a team with?

If you are getting coaching tips on a person who you are not on a team with, they have been added to your My Coaching Network at some point. You can go into your My Coaching Network and remove them.

If someone is in My Coaching Network, do they also get coaching tips on me?

A person can only get coaching tips on you if you are in their My Coaching Network. Adding someone to your My Coaching Network does not automatically add you to theirs. They can choose to add you to their network or if you are currently on a team with them you will have been added automatically.

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