Q3 Release Notes (2023)

Check out our release notes for updates on new features and improvements to Cloverleaf. Check back here for updates on a monthly basis!

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To see what we have been up to recently- check out our current release notes!


Updates and Improvements:

  • New experience after taking assessments to show search queries with your results.

  • New reaction style feedback added to the Daily Coaching Experience

  • Onboarding experience updated to get users up and running faster and with fewer distractions!

  • 259 new Coaching Tips on Cloverleaf!

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements to app communications infrastructure

AUGUST 2023:

Updates and Improvements:

  • Introducing: My Dashboard 🎉

    • We have made some exciting updates to Cloverleaf! Providing you with a more dynamic and simplified experience, what was known as the ME Dashboard has now become My Dashboard and My Assessments! Learn more!

  • Check out our new Insight Search experience!

    • In line with our updates to My Dashboard, we made some updates to our new feature released last month: Insight Search 🔍 You can search for coaching tips on yourself and your teammates right from My Dashboard. Learn more!

  • New Cloverleaf Integration with Microsoft Teams

    • We have released a new version of our app for Microsoft Teams allowing you to get your Coaching Tips right in MS Teams! Learn more!

  • A new model for Coaching Subscriptions is live! My Organizations will bring an improved experience for Coaches and their clients. (Limited Release)

  • Cloverleaf now supports adding external members to My Coaching Network!

    • This applies to Cloverleaf users from outside your organization. Only users whom you have permission to view can be added. This can be done from a user’s profile page and managed in My Coaching Network. Your own privacy can be managed from Account Settings if you would like to make it possible for you to be added to others’ networks.

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Updates to Coach Tip emails to more easily connect users with their dashboard, addition of suggested searches to help users learn about and use our new feature: Insight Search

  • Calendar Insight email delivery preferences have been moved to our new standard communication preferences framework.

  • New Resource Feed resources were added and Resource Feed display was updated so users will see fresh content more regularly

  • Performance improvements around delivery of coaching through non-app channels

JULY 2023:

Updates and Improvements:

  • Cloverleaf has a new look! 🎉

    • We have made some exciting updates to our navigation experience, moving to a sidebar menu to make it easier to navigate through the platform. Learn more!

  • We have updated our Daily Coaching Email experience!

    • Navigate straight into your Daily Coaching or tips on a teammate

  • Insight Search is now available to everyone on Cloverleaf!

  • Update to Admin Dashboard

    • There is now a Search Bar on the Admin Dashboard that allows you to easily search for any Group or Team within your org

  • Now gathering additional role data for Cloverleaf to better personalize your coaching experience

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements to performance

  • Security Updates

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