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Navigating Cloverleaf
How to Navigate Cloverleaf
How to Navigate Cloverleaf

This guide walks you through how to find everything you need on Cloverleaf!

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Whether you are new to Cloverleaf or noticing that Cloverleaf has a new look, this guide will help you learn where to find everything you need!

Let's walk through it!

Let's take a look at the sidebar menu. This is where you will find My Dashboard, My Assessments, My Coaching Network, My Teams, Organization Directory (if enabled), and Client Navigator (if enabled).

This menu is collapsable and will adjust based on the size of your browser window.

My Dashboard

My Dashboard is your landing page for:

  • Your Daily Coaching Experience

  • Insight Search

  • Resource Feed

  • Calendar Insights (if enabled)

My Assessments

My Assessments is where you can find all of the assessments available to you on Cloverleaf. You can take them for the first time, dive deeper into your results, retake them as needed, and download reports. The more assessments you take, the more insights you'll get!

My Coaching Network

My Coaching Network allows you to manage who you receive tips on, regardless of who you are on a team with. This can be found in your sidebar navigation. You can also see from My Dashboard how many teammates are in your Coaching Network and navigate over to this page.

If your Coaching Network is empty- this page will invite you to add teammates to your network!

My Teams

This is where you can find and navigate between your Team Dashboards! You can see how many teams you are on from your My Dashboard and navigate to your Team Dashboard there as well. Toggle between the teams you are on and check out your team's view of your assessment results.

If you haven't joined any teams yet, this page will invite you to find your team or create a new one!

Organization Directory

Organization Directory allows you to see all of the teammates in your org, invite new members, and see who you are on a team with.

Account Settings

All of your account settings can now be found by going to your profile icon in the top right corner.

From here, you will see a drop-down menu. Your view will look slightly different depending on what permissions you have and if you have linked any accounts to your profile.

  • Account Settings

    • This is where you can manage your settings for your profile including general settings, notifications, integrations, and assessment visibility.

  • Language Settings

    • This is where you can change your default language.

  • Admin Settings (Org Admins Only)

    • This is now where you will navigate to your ADMIN Settings (Admin Dashboard). Clicking on this will navigate you to the page that allows you to manage your organization. If you have questions about Admin Settings, check out this guide.

  • Add Account

    • This is where you can manage multiple accounts and can toggle between them. Once you add an account, this will change to "switch account".

  • Sign Out

    • This is where you can sign out of Cloverleaf.

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