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My Teams Overview

Learn what is on the Team Dashboard and how to utilize it!

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My Teams Overview

When you join a team on Cloverleaf, you can see a Team Dashboard of your teammates together and receive Coaching Tips on those teammates. My Teams is where your Team Dashboards live. On the Team Dashboard, you will see:

  • Aggregate view of Assessment results for your team

  • Thinking Style Comparison Tool

  • Team Roles Grid

After you sign in, you can use your sidebar navigation to navigate to My Teams.

Dive Deep into Team Results

Each assessment available to your team will appear on the Team Dashboard. You can see where your teammates land on the team views of each assessment, dive deeper into your team's results by interacting with the modules, and understand your results for that assessment at the team level.

Hover over your teammates to see their scores.

Click on a teammate's icon to pull up their "baseball card" view for any assessment.

Expand modules to learn more about your team's results.

Team Roles

Cloverleaf takes the data of each assessment for each team member and recommends the right team roles for the members of each team. See which teammates thrive in each role by expanding the grid on your Team Dashboard. Dive deep into Team Roles by checking out this guide!

Thinking Style Comparison Tool

The Thinking Style Comparison Tool allows you to compare any two teammates across a handful of assessments to better understand the similarities and differences in their Thinking Styles. Learn more about how to use this tool!

Navigating the Team Dashboard

If you are on multiple teams, you can easily toggle between your Team Dashboards using the drop-down in the top left.

From here, you can search for teams, click on another team to view that dashboard, and click into My Teams List.

Manage your teams, and choose a default for your Team Dashboard from this page. Learn more about the My Teams tab in this guide!

You can leave a team by clicking the icon next to your team name.

Manage which teammates appear on your Team Dashboard by adjusting the Dashboard Visibility.

Clicking the Teammate visibility icon will expand the Dashboard Visibility menu. This is also where you can easily see a list of all of the teammates on your Team Dashboard.

Use the Add Team button to create a new team or find and join an existing team (if it is set to discoverable).

Team Admins can manage settings for your team and send invites to new teammates. If a Team is set to Discoverable, it is searchable and joinable.

If a teammate is not showing up on the Team Dashboard, they likely have not taken their assessments yet. An "incomplete" icon will show for any assessment where teammates have not all completed it.

If you haven't joined a team yet, you will be prompted to create your own.

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