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Building the Cloverleaf Habit: A 30-Day Challenge
Building the Cloverleaf Habit: A 30-Day Challenge

Use this challenge to help you create meaningful conversations with your peers, leaders, and team members.

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How many meaningful conversations are you having with your leader, direct reports, or peers? Do we actually have time for so many conversations?

Life and work are BUSY.

If we're not careful, our calendars, notifications, and emails often rule us. That’s why Cloverleaf is such a helpful tool to help us drive meaningful conversations at work:

  1. Reminding us of our strengths and opportunities for growth.

  2. Helping us understand our team members better by gaining insight into their strengths.

  3. Inviting us to take action on our strengths or to leverage the strengths of others.

  4. Using insights about our team members to customize our communications.

  5. Increasing our self and team awareness simultaneously.

This is where the Cloverleaf 30-Day Challenge comes in!

If you want to tone muscles, you repeatedly exercise. If you want to decrease the time it takes to run a mile, you may train daily to hone that strength. Cloverleaf, as a habit, helps us strengthen our teams AND get the best work done we can - TOGETHER.

What is The Cloverleaf Challenge?

When it comes to learning, Cloverleaf offers one of the best ways to retain and ACT on learning. Research shows that micro-learning, or learning delivered in small, quick bursts, can drive retention of important information and engagement.

Consider initiating a micro-learning exercise with your teams: The Cloverleaf Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

  1. After sufficiently onboarding your team onto Cloverleaf, leaders Issue a 30-day “5 Minutes of Development Challenge” to help their teams consume small amounts of information from Cloverleaf to drive self and team awareness.

  2. Leaders may want to have an interactive team conversation about the benefits of being more aware of our strengths and opportunities for growth and increasing our awareness of others. What could it make possible for ourselves and our teams?

  3. At the beginning of a month, a leader can challenge their team to either engage with their daily coaching tip email or use My Daily Coaching Experience of the dashboard every day for a month.

  4. Consider creating a team calendar invite for 10 minutes at the start of each day that reminds people to do this or encourages team members to schedule it within the first 2 hours of their work day.

  5. Ask team members using the coaching insight to use Reflections to comment on tips that resonate with them. Invite people to bring the coaching insight and/or reflection that most impacted them about themselves and/or a team member that week to a team or 1-1 meeting.

    1. HINT: Use TIP SAVING AND SHARING and Reflections to do this!

      Tip Saving & Sharing


    2. Consider asking how the tip impacted them and what action they took, if any, from consuming it.

  6. At the end of the month, conduct a debrief with the following questions and discussion. This debrief may take 20-30 minutes.

    1. What was the impact of engaging with your coaching insights on how you approached your work?

    2. How did engaging with your coaching insights help you work better with others?

    3. What is your most significant insight about yourself OR our team you’ve gained in the past month?

    4. Collectively agree on how you will engage with Cloverleaf as a team going forward and WHY it will benefit the team.

    5. Will you continue with the current pattern?

    6. Will you design a new approach or schedule of consumption?

    7. What benefits could be six months or a year from now if you all stuck to the best practice you’ve created?

  7. BONUS HABIT: Consider integrating Cloverleaf Hotseat, a 5-minute recognition exercise, into your team meetings once or twice a quarter. Find out more about that HERE.

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