Q4 Release Notes (2023)

Check out our release notes for updates on new features and improvements to Cloverleaf! Check back here for updates on a monthly basis!

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To see what we have been up to recently- check out our current release notes!


Updates and Improvements:

  • Reflection prompts now adjust to all reactions!

    • Any tip reaction πŸ‘πŸ§ πŸ€·πŸ‘Ž will adjust your reflection prompt to better align with your feedback

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Improved sign-in security

  • Improved load time on reflection prompts

  • Team admins now join the organization of the team they become an admin of

​Updates and Improvements:

  • Daily Coaching emails have a new look! πŸŽ‰

  • Reactions, Saving, Sharing, and Reflections have been added throughout our product and email for a consistent experience

  • Reflection prompts now adjust to your reactions!

    • Reacting to a tip as "spot on πŸ‘" vs "πŸ‘Ž Seems off" will adjust your reflection prompt to better align with your feedback

  • Introducing: Org Reports (limited release)!

    • Org Reports gives admins a high-level view of core metrics allowing them to get a pulse on how their people are using Cloverleaf, giving admins the ability to drill into the data and take action to ensure their people are getting activated on Cloverleaf

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Calendar backend systems updated for better scaling and future feature support

  • Security improvements around:

    • XSS defensive posture

    • CORS enforcement

    • defensive posture against illegitimate automated requests

​Updates and Improvements:

  • Introducing: Reflections!

    • We are excited to share about our new feature that enhances your coaching experience! With Reflections, you’ll now get personalized prompts to transform your learnings into actionable next steps. Learn more!

  • Introducing: Tip Saving and Sharing!

    • You can now share and save your coaching tips on Cloverleaf! Sharing allows you to bring Cloverleaf coach tips into your everyday workflows like Slack and MS Teams. Saving allows you to capture tips that you want to refer back to in one place. Learn more!

  • Updates to Daily Coaching Experience module

  • New Tip Reactions

    • While our previous experience allowed you to rate tips helpful or unhelpful, you can now instead react to tips as 🎯 spot on, 🧠 learned something, πŸ“Œ worth remembering, or πŸ‘Ž seems off!

  • StrengthsFinder rebranded on Cloverleaf to CliftonStrengths

    • All Cloverleaf Dashboards, resources, and general help documents have been rebranded to reflect its new name and brand colors.

  • Updates to Motivating Values content on My Assessments

  • Cloverleaf now respects user timezone! Daily Coaching and Calendar emails are now sent around 7am in each user’s local time (soon to be user-configurable)!

Technical Notes and Bug Fixes:

  • Cloverleaf production has been migrated onto a new system with enhanced security.

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