Introducing: Dashboard Builder

Dashboard Builder and Meeting Dashboards enable you to customize your coaching quickly to fit what you need for the day.

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Whether you're working on a project team, collaborating cross-functionally, or seeking to understand dynamics with someone new, using Dashboard Builder, you can customize dashboards as needed, without creating a Cloverleaf team.

By integrating your calendar with Cloverleaf, you can receive coaching tips for your meetings and view Meeting Dashboards, helping you better understand your teammates and get the most out of your meetings.

Dashboard Builder lets you build a dashboard on Cloverleaf from scratch. Navigate to Dashboard Builder in the left sidebar navigation, add anyone in your organization to your dashboard by clicking Customize, and drill into insights about your team. ​

Dashboard Builder and Meeting Dashboards respect the Privacy Settings of each team member.

Meeting Dashboards are generated for any meetings in your day with more than two teammates. Click View Dashboard on any meeting in your calendar to view your generated Meeting Dashboard. If your calendar is not yet integrated with Cloverleaf, you can easily connect your calendar to unlock this feature.

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