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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Can I link my accounts? Do I have to retake the assessments in my second account?

A: You can link your accounts so you can easily toggle between logins. You can also choose to transfer assessment data over to a new account if you don't want to take them again. Here is a guide to walk you through the steps on how to do this.

Q: How do I change my email address?

A: You can change your email address in your profile settings. You will need to set your new email to primary before you can remove the old one from your account. This guide will show you how to do so.

Q: As an admin, how do I invite someone to a team?

A: As a TEAM admin, you can invite new people to join your team a few different ways. Check out the guide here on how to do this!

Q: Can I retake an assessment?

A: You can retake most of the assessments on Cloverleaf. If it is an assessment you can retake, there will be an option to do so when you click "..." in the top right corner of the assessment on your ME Dashboard. The guide below will walk you through this in more detail.

Q: I have already taken an assessment on another platform. How do I add the results manually?

A: You can add your assessment results if you have already taken it somewhere else. If it has been a while, we do encourage you to retake it on our platform as things can shift overtime! The guide here will walk you through how to add your results.

Q: How do I download assessment reports?

A: You can download reports for certain assessments on Cloverleaf. If this is not included in your plan, you will be prompted to pay for the report. If you are unable to see this option on your dashboard, your organization may have this feature disabled. The dashboard gives a comprehensive overview of your results even without the report! Check out the guides below:

Q: I added a new member, but don’t see them on the team dashboard. What's going wrong?

A: If you can't see a teammate on your TEAM Dashboard, there could be a few different things going on:

  1. Go to your TEAM dashboard settings and make sure that the teammate is toggled on. If this is already good to go, and you still aren't seeing them- it may be because they haven't taken their assessments yet. Once a new teammate takes their assessment, they will show up on the TEAM Dashboard.

  2. If you add someone as a team ADMIN, but do not add them as a member- they will not show up on the TEAM Dashboard, you must add them as both a member and an admin for them to show up.

Q: How do I change my privacy settings?

A: You can adjust your privacy settings for your account on by following the steps:

  1. Sign in to your Cloverleaf account

  2. Click on your avatar in the top right corner and select "My Account" from the drop-down

  3. Select the "General" tab

  4. Scroll down to the "Profile Privacy" section.

    Learn more in the guide here.

Q: Can I change my coaching tips email frequency?

A: Yes you can! This can be adjusted from your personal settings on your ME dashboard. This guide will show you how to change your tip frequency.

Q: I took the Instinctive Drives assessment and I didn't get a result. What's going wrong?

A: For the ID results, you are receiving what is called a searching score. This is actually fairly common within ID because they want to ensure you get the most accurate result. Linked below is a document on how to take the assessment when you receive a searching score. It also includes links to connect with a coach on the Instinctive Drives team that can help guide you to getting a score as well. There is no additional cost for this session. You can schedule a 30 minute call with someone in the US/Europe Time Zone or in the Asia/Pacific Time Zone.

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