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Welcome to My Dashboard- your landing page for Cloverleaf!

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My Dashboard is your landing page for Cloverleaf. Here you will find Daily Coaching, Insight Search, Calendar Insights, and more. Let's walk through everything you see when you arrive at My Dashboard!

When you sign in, you will be taken to My Dashboard, but if you need a refresher on where to find it, go to the first tab on your sidebar navigation.

Profile Card

On your Profile Card, you will find your Profile Picture, Name, Title, and Company. You can see how many teams you are a part of, and how many people are in My Coaching Network, access your Saved Tips and Reflections, and check out your profile view.

  • Clicking the "pencil icon" next to your Company will take you straight to your Account Settings.

  • Clicking the number beside My Teams takes you straight to your Team Dashboard.

  • Clicking the number beside My Coaching Network will take you to My Coaching Network.

  • Clicking Saved Tips will bring you to any Coaching Tips you have saved.

  • Clicking Reflections will bring your saved Reflections.

  • Clicking View Profile will show you the view of your profile that your teammates can see.

Insight Search

Insight Search allows you to search through coaching tips for yourself and your teammates to find the Cloverleaf tips you want- when you need them. When you first come on to My Dashboard, you will see the search box with some suggested prompts to try out. You can search for tips on yourself, or tips on your teammates using the "@" symbol. You can access your search history, and your searches are completely private (neither Cloverleaf nor your employers can access this information.)

Check out our guides on Insight Search to learn more! You can also share feedback on this new feature by clicking "give feedback" at the bottom of the search dropdown, or by going to the share feedback button on the Cloverleaf chat icon.

Daily Coaching Experience

Whether you receive your Coaching Tips via email or in-app, you can always access your Coaching Tips for the day on My Dashboard. Your Daily Coaching Experience will show you a tip on yourself, a tip on your teammate, and prompt suggested searches for Insight Search. You can customize this experience in your Account Settings and by managing My Coaching Network.

Dive deeper into the Daily Coaching Experience!

Calendar Insights

Calendar Insights allow you to integrate your calendar with Cloverleaf, sending you tips to set you up for effective meetings with your teammates. You can access this from My Dashboard, and also receive Calendar Digest emails. You can see the tips for the day, or look ahead! You can manage your calendar integration from My Dashboard and your Account Settings. Learn more about customizing your calendar!

Resource Feed

The Resource Feed links out to resources that might help you or your team leverage Cloverleaf and continue to build a stronger team! (Note: Not all of these come from Cloverleaf, but are ones we love too!)

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